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Comment Re:SSL? (Score 2) 324

It's a quibble, but I'm pretty sure it's symmetric. You use DH to establish a shared secret (the same on both sides). The only assymetric part of ssl is the certificates that are used to prevent man in the middle... I'd hardly call X509 ssl, just a necessary evil (or is it, seems dead).

Comment Re:software repository (Score 1) 138

amen. Every time I use my windows machine a bunch of separate shitty updaters pops up a window about a new version. Man I wish I could go to windows update and update all my software in the background. I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't picked up on the repo thing yet. It's better for everyone.

Comment Re:Google announced this (Score 1) 233

A key is usually an integer, or a prime integer in some manifold or group. Asymmetric crypto depends on problems being easy one way and "hard" to reverse. elliptic curves are thought to be "harder" than the usual prime factoring. So yeah. It's how you use the bits. It takes a lot smaller number to provide a sufficiently ambiguous (in the reverse) operation.

Comment So don't use gnome. (Score 1) 729

This goofy shit is why I quit using gnome years ago. Even unity is better than this one size fits all usability shit that's handed down. I mean, at least give us a configuration option for it.... Anyway, I thought the gnome shell was even less relevant than unity. Cinimon? I kindof like the tiling window managers. I don't see the big thrill with gnome anyway. It's not a window manager... It's not a window decorator... what is it exactly? desktop what? I tried to live without it completely and used ratpoison for like 2 years. Tiling window managers have their own annoyances, but I really honestly didn't miss gnome. In fact, it was refreshing to not have usability dictated down. I often dictated it up by patching ratpoison -- which is small enough for me to modify easily. Yeah, I suppose I could patch gnome too, but this kind of user hating stuff comes down super regularly from these guys.

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