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Comment don't bother (Score 4, Insightful) 87

developers aren't interested in advisers or clients telling them how to code. they're interested in learning the requirements and domain-specific knowledge that those people have that helps them design the best product to fill their needs. the best language with which to convey these requirements isn't code. it's not photoshop (UX designers: listen) it's english. preferably spoken, maybe loudly, in a room with coffee and whiteboards, lots of both.

Comment Re:How is this different from Microsoft's... (Score 1) 149

i just ran this on my i5-3570K running win7:

>timecmd "systeminfo | find 'System Boot Time'"
systeminfo | find 'System Boot Time'
Results of execution:

        Exit code 2
        Time of execution 10.121

that's 10 seconds.

i just had to reboot to install about 6-weeks-worth of updates.

it never crashes.

you're doing it wrong.

Comment Re: .NET patches = job security (Score 1) 132

not wrong. the post i was replying to was this:

> Another version of .NET means update times get increased again

which is wrong.

since 4.6 REPLACES 4.5, there's no additional patches to install.

ongoing, you either install the 4.5 patches, OR the 4.6 ones. not both.

i feel sorry for whoever hired you that you still don't understand that, and you're supposedly responsible for so many systems. and what's worse, i have explained it to you several times and you still refuse (probably out of some ignorant pride) to accept your misunderstanding. actually, since you're responsible for running bulk windows updates, i'm not entirely surprised...

Comment Re: .NET patches = job security (Score 1) 132

Yeah and that AC was responding to MM'S post about increased update times:

Which was marked as insightful insightful even though it's patently false.

So at that point my comment was on-topic and yours are still way off.

So basically you don't understand two things:

1) that .net point-version updates are in-place, overwrite previous point versions of that major release, and don't increase update times, and...
2) how to follow thread ancestry on Slashdot.

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