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Comment: Re: Recycle them, Look online on how to. Gosh (Score 1) 187 187

You should just remove 'ask slashdot' from your feed 'cos pretty much every possible question can be answered better by Google than it can be by slashdot. Alternatively if you're genuinely interested in what other geeks have to say about a particular subject and not just so you can write pompous remarks to people trying to start a discussion, stick around.

Comment: Re:Use of trademark (Score 1) 190 190

using the term IMAX to describe something that isn't IMAX is something that they would need to contest for fear of them losing their trademark in the future. that's the thing with trademarks, you have to vigorously defend them, even in cases you really don't care that much about, otherwise you lose them.

Comment: Re: No (Score 2) 337 337

No, objective-c is apple's VB - a shitty language that everyone was more-or-less forced to use long ago if they wanted to use their platform (cocoa/office).

I'd say swift is more like apple's C# - a modern language that everyone (including mocrosoft) wishes every VB/objc developer would switch to. Asap.

Comment: Re:Can they compile from source? (Score 1) 143 143

> Utter bullshit

actually, the compiler front-end (parser, etc...) is multi-threaded inside cl.exe which is usually passed multiple source files in one execution.

the back-end of the compiler (code-gen), which is actually run inside link.exe is also multi-threaded.

this is not parallel make, you get both levels of multi-threadedness from a single compiler command-line instantiation. Visual Studio does have project-level parallelism, but that's in addition to what's in the compiler/linker.

however, i do believe that the resulting layout of the PE is eventually deterministic.

Comment: Flawed (Score 2) 119 119

The whole learnstorm thing was fundamentally flawed. You earned points in the competition by completing "mastery" challenges, of which there are a limited number. However, if you had completed most or all of the available mastery challenges before the competition had started then you were at a distinct disadvantage during the competition.

This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.