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Naw, he's still an a-rab, and terreristy trumps republican.

This is, however, part of what I've been waiting for for a year. I've always wanted Snowden through Greenwald to name names. They say they pick up everything but it's only the targets who get their emails read and their phone calls listened to. Okay, who are the targets? Names.

So first they told us it wasn't Americans, it was only foreign terrorists. Now we find out they were targeting Americans. Now the Fox News crowd is going to say "yeah but it was just scary mooslems!" and the NSA will lie and say that this was the extent of their targeting operations.

The next article, then, I expect to show that no, they were also targeting Americans completely unrelated to Islam, like Occupy organizers or Tea Partiers. Or even political candidates. That is when the shit will really hit the fan.

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If you have two frames of reference that are not at rest with respect to each other (which is most all of them) and you move from one to the other faster than light and back, you arrive before you left. Any type of faster than light anything (communications or travel) regardless of method (ansible, warp drive, stargate, wormhole, whatever) violates causality because general relativity.

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Wow, thanks for the insight. That's fascinating. And terrifying.

I do wonder what's going to happen. Something's got to give. All over the world we have massive inequality because there just isn't enough work for everybody to do to stay employed.

There's been some kind of huge conflict/upheaval every 4 generations/80 years. 1776. 1861. 1941. 2021? Sounds about right.

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Story of civilization. Keep the rabble divided against each other or distracted with outside enemies so they don't ever stop to see who's really causing all their problems.

I think the elites are terrified. I think Occupy Wall Street scared them shitless, that there could actually be mass uprisings. Globally. They're terrified of how quickly information spreads today. They saw the Arab Spring, what twitter can do. And they're running out of things to divide people over. Americans are sick of the war on terror and the war on drugs. They're legalizing or decriminalizing pot all over the place so they won't have that boogeyman anymore. Flagrant racism is pretty well dead. They probably thought they'd get a few more decades out of hate for gays, but the whole gay marriage thing went from something that never existed in the history of civilization to a right supported by 65% of Americans in the span of about 13 years.

It's unfortunate that the Republican/Democrat thing still works. I wonder how well it'll work in 2016. Obama was such a disappointment to the left, I don't know if they'll really get behind another Democratic candidate who's obviously just another corporate puppet. The Republican party is dying. Young people don't support them at all. The NSA scandals revealed that Republicans and Democrats march to the exact same tune when it comes to fucking over the people on behalf of the corporate masters and the only real "difference" between them is on social wedge issues that become less and less important when people are broke and starving.

The more educated, the more interconnected people get, the easier it is to see what's going on behind the curtain. Regular people are waking up. I wonder where that will lead.

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For funding it, I'm not suggesting skyscrapers. I was thinking recycled and repurposed buildings, like those homes made out of old shipping containers. I don't know, those things would be part of the challenge to work out.

Today, yes, you would probably call it "cherry picking of workers." There was such a sieve in days past, though. First, you had to be adventurous and imaginative to say "fuck this society, I'm going to go into the uncharted wilderness and seek my fortune there!" Then you had to actually survive the trip. By the time settlers got to their new destination, it's only the bravest, craftiest and strongest who are left building that new society.

I've always had this idea that's kind of why Silicon Valley is what it is. We all started out in Africa. The unadventurous stayed there while the more curious left for the north. They created the great ancient civilizations, Egypt, then Rome. Still farther north, settling Britain which for a time ruled the world. The heartiest and most adventurous Britains left for America, and the most rugged Americans trekked from the east coast to the west. And that's basically the end of the world and the peak of civilization. Today there's nowhere left to go, so we're all kind of stuck here.

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It doesn't have anything to do with the difficulty of the game. For years they've been expanding what the game offers to different people to be as inclusive as possible. No one has to do the heroic raids. Those are only for the top end raiding guilds that want that kind of challenge. For "regular" players there are the non-heroic raids. For casuals, they added in the "raid finder" system where you just queue up and it matches you with randoms for an even easier version of the encounters.

And you don't have to raid at all. You can PVP, (similarly, casually or hardcore). You can just level characters and explore. You can play the auction house. You can collect pets or titles or achievements. Now there's a "pet battle" system they ripped off from pokemon. And in Mists of Pandaria they still had heroic raiding.

What turned me (and many other people...WoW subscriptions fell by like 4 million between Cata and MoP) off was the content itself. Helping pandas chase rabbits out of their gardens. It was just stupid. Maybe the next expansion, Warlords of Draenor will be better. Pretty sure there's no wascally wabbits in Outland...

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Who knows. All I know is the current track is untenable. With no jobs, the Republicans cutting food stamps, eventually people are going to start starving. And hungry people don't stay hungry for long. This kind of inequality has never been sustainable.

There's a cycle to history. There's massive war or upheaval every four generations/80 years. 1776. 1861. 1941. 2021? Seems about right. Something's got to give.

What really sucks today is you can't even opt out. In ye olden days, when you were shut out of British society and wanted to better yourself, you could leave for the colonies. When New England pulled up its social ladder, "go west young man!" But today? There's nowhere to go. There is no more frontier. There isn't a scrap of land that isn't locked down and controlled by some sort of oppressive corporatist government system.

You can't just go try something new. I thought that would be interesting. These days you've got all these millennials with fancy educations, a social conscience, a good work ethic and no jobs. Wouldn't it be something to get together online and coordinate to start their own community. Plan everything out. Sustainable farming. Modern construction. A community of engineers and biologists and doctors and workers and try to make a self-sustaining community where the robots do as much work as possible and the community gets the benefit. It would be an interesting experiment in near-post-scarcity socialism. But you can't. Where would you go? You would always have to participate in the greater economy because even if you issued your own currency or used a barter system or something, you would still incur federal income taxes, which can only be paid in US dollars. They've got you by the balls. You have to use their money.

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DKs = Death Knights. New class introduced in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. They started at level 55. A level 55 character has a good number of spells and abilities that a player who started at level 1 would be introduced to slowly and would have plenty of time to learn and understand. If you just start at level 55 with two action bars full of unfamiliar abilities, you basically have no idea what you're doing. Also, lots and lots of people wanted to play the new class, so in dungeon groups you wound up with tons of DKs randomly mashing buttons with no idea what they were doing.

Cata = Cataclysm, the expansion after Wrath of the Lich King and before Mists of Pandaria. I played up through the end of Cataclysm, but quit before Mists of Pandaria because it looked terrible. is a website that tracks competitive WoW progress. There was an addon you could get that would store the combat logs for raids, so they would show you absolutely everything that happened during an encounter. A raid member would run it and then after the raid was over, upload the logs to wowprogress which would parse them. There were guild and individual rankings. Guild rankings were based on the date you beat an encounter. So whenever a new dungeon was released, there would be competition to see who could beat the heroic (much, much more difficult version) encounters first. I was in guilds that generally placed in the top 20 of 25-man guilds when new raid tiers were completed. That's very, very good. Wowprogress also kept track of individual stats, so for a given encounter there would be rankings broken down by class for damage or healing done. There were always competitions to try to beat the scores other people set for that encounter, to squeeze out every last bit of damage you could, because the encounters were that finally tuned, where a 1% difference was absolutely critical.

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The productivity gains from the industrial and information revolutions have not resulted in shorter work weeks for all, but rather a larger unemployed population. It's hard to imagine this will end well.

We would have had a chance if it hadn't been for the systematic dismantling of organized labor starting in the late 70s/early 80s. The canary in the coal mine there, I think, was Reagan firing the air traffic controllers.

GDP per capita in America is amazing and has only been climbing for the last 40 years. However, real median income peaked in 1973 and for the past ten years we've had stagnant or declining wages in non-inflation adjusted dollars. Of course, CEO pay is up like 40x, and corporate profits are at an all time high. The American worker has gotten more and more productive and seen none of the gains. It's all gone to capital. If we actually had a labor movement, there would have been general strikes by now. Higher pay and 30 hour work weeks. The gains in productivity would actually be shared with the worker.

Instead we're just going to get picked off one by one until we wind up with 1% of people fantastically wealthy, 9% keeping the machines running, 80% of people unemployed and starving, and the remaining 10% in riot gear keeping the bottom 80% from revolting.

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I agree. Remember when Wrath of the Lich King came out? DKs...terrible DKs everywhere! Starting at level 55 with no idea how their class mechanics worked.

I was a hardcore raider (top 20 guilds on wowprogress) up through Cata. I liked Cata. Heroic Ragnaros was...challenging. But then they announced fucking pandas and I quit. Eventually I was bored and I reupped just to level and see what the expansion was like. I couldn't believe it when here I am helping pandas chase rabbits out of their gardens. Um. I'm a legendary hero. I've slayed Old Gods, defeated Ragnaros the Firelord (twice), ended Kel'Thuzad, Illidan Stormrage the Betrayer, stopped Kil'jaeden, scaled Icecrown Citadel and defeated the Lick King himself, defeated Deathwing the Destroyer...and now I'm helping goddamn pandas clear wascally wabbits out of their gardens. Fuck. This. Shit.

Still, I leveled my favorite characters to 90 and I'll probably re-up when WoD comes out. Maybe that will reclaim some of the old glory. At least it won't be damn gardening pandas.

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