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Comment: Re:The Curve on Academic Courses (Score 1) 257

by meta-monkey (#49620735) Attached to: The Programming Talent Myth

It's critical, too. When you learn the low-level stuff, you develop a more intuitive sense of algorithms. Or you understand why "equality" becomes a contextual problem when dealing with reference objects. And dealing with character buffers and malloc calls in C gives you a better insight into why strings are immutable in Java, Python, .NET, others.

But when you've never had to think about how the code is represented at a lower level, well that's when you get the somebody writing horror shows like:

public static class Logger
        string log;

        public void AddToLog(string newEntry)
                log = log + newEntry;

Introducing, the 1010, a one-bit processor. 0 NOP No Operation 1 JMP Jump (address specified by next 2 bits)