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Sure, that's part of it, but there's clearly an agenda being pushed by TPTB.

Look at what happened in Canada. One guy runs through parliament and shoots a soldier (terrible tragedy, heart goes out to his family, etc etc) and immediately Harper says they've got legislation already written that gives them more power to spy on people and even pre-arrest people "to keep you safe!" A few months back one nationalist nut killed three mounties, but nary a word about how this is "an attack on our institutions." Doesn't fit the narrative.

They've got the laws already written. They just wait for an excuse and bam, cameras up your bum.

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Not to mention all the perks that come with your credit cards. My card gives me cash back, a limited warranty on anything I buy with it (subject to restrictions), insurance on rental cars, and a rather morbid $10,000 death benefit to my family if the plane for which I used my card to buy tickets crashes. Am I going to get any of that with CurrentC? No. The retailer saves a percent or so of my purchase, I lose all the benefits I had before and get none in return except I get to scan my phone instead of swipe my card. Why would I want to do this?

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That was fascinating, thank you. To quickly find cube roots I would generally employ linear approximation and get close enough.


f(x) = x^1/3
f '(x) = (1/3)x^-2/3
27 ~= 29
f(29) ~= f(27) + 2f '(27)
= 3 + 2*(1/3)(1/3^2) = 3 + 2/27 ~= 3.074
since 29^(1/3) ~= 3.072, that's not bad for a quick and dirty.

What are your thoughts on the new Common Core math teaching system that's been adopted by most US states?

Note, if you go looking for information on it, look at the source materials from the creators. The specification only provides the concepts and the curriculum but not the course materials. Professionally produced course materials are still being created, so some teachers have created their own materials, some of which are terrible. The worst of these are then scanned and put on the Internet as if they're representative of the entire program, inciting conservatives who (falsely) believe the system is imposed by the federal government.

From what I've seen, the curriculum calls for teaching methods like what you describe (and which is generally the way I do math in my head). One blog I saw was incensed because when solving 7 + 7, instead of just memorizing '14' they wanted the students to break that down into 7 + 3 + 4, recognize 7 + 3 as a group of ten, then add 4. That to me provides for a deeper understanding and would eventually make working in other bases much easier. The only reason the second place in our numbering system represents a group of ten is because we have ten fingers. If they understand grouping it would be much easier to switch to say hexadecimal by counting groups of 16. C + 9 = (C + 4) + 5 = 15.

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The second problem will be producing an effective counter-argument to all the superstitions, ignorance and religions that are bound to appear if "civilisation" dies off.

That's why you've got to get there first. We already know the playbook.

"The LORD thy GOD commands that thou shalt study integral calculus! Also, the High Mathematicians get all the hot chicks. GOD COMMANDS IT!"

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I've always been interested in math history, and when I was a kid always wondered how the hell people calculated things like cube roots before calculators. I was so excited in calculus when I learned linear approximation or the Newton-Raphson method. But even then you couldn't really do any of that until the invention of calculus. Did nobody before Newton and Liebniz know how to find a cube root (that wasn't obvious)?

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however the minute someone breathes an utterance of terrorism its secret prisons, wiretaps, indefinite detention, extrajudicial rendition targeted killings, and secret courts

The response is so out of proportion to the threat, it makes you wonder if there's an ulterior motive for stripping people of liberties and increasing the power of the government and military, merely using islamic terrorism as an excuse?

Nah, that's crazy talk.

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