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Software Company Sues Popular Australian Forum 121

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the i'd-like-to-sue-a-bar-where-someone-was-mean-to-me dept.
Pugzly writes "In a recent announcement on the Whirlpool front page, it appears that accounting software maker 2clix is suing the founder of the forums as the founder "allowed statements 'relating to the Plaintiff and its software product that are both false and malicious' to be published on the Whirlpool forums."

Comment: Re:I have the opposing problem (Score 1) 632

by splodger75 (#20029617) Attached to: School District To Parents — Buy Office 2007

For what they do in most grades, notepad would be all they needed.
Agreed, I have started using notepad to take notes in computer classes, and only using Word for occasional diagrams, since the school chose to upgrade to Office 2007. It's noticeably faster and I don't have to remember to save in 2003 format.

+ - Ex-Aerospace Engineer Wins NASA Glove Contest

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "An unemployed former aerospace engineer has built a better spacesuit glove, claiming the first payoff in the NASA-backed Centennial Challenges competition. Peter Homer clinched a $200,000 prize in this week's Astronaut Glove Competition with a spacesuit glove that proved more comfortable, durable and flexible than gloves currently used by spacewalking astronauts. "When I started, I didn't know anything about making a glove," Homer said. "It was a great learning experience along the way.""
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Electric Shock Treatment for Internet Addiction

Submitted by
Laowai writes "Electric Shock Treatment for Internet Addiction A clinic in Daxing, a suburb of Beijing treats from 60 to 280 patients daily...mostly against their will....for Internet addiction. The patients range in age from 12-24 and their parents are paying upwards of 10,000 yuan a month to 'cure' them. The treatment includes: 1. counseling"

+ - Microsoft Plans To Offer Three dollar Windows

Submitted by
TheCybernator writes "Thursday, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said that the company is planning to release a 3 dollar software suite for students in developing countries. The announcement marked the US software giant's most ambitious attempt to date to bridge the digital divide between technologically advanced and developing countries. The Student Innovation Suite was announced as Microsoft faces increased challenges from open source operating systems like Linux and free web-based applications like those offered by Google, both of which target the company's dominance in personal computer software. _To_Offer_Three_dollar_Windows.html"
Hardware Hacking

+ - Mechanical Hit Counter

Submitted by
Pikoro writes "Matt over at has a curious and slightly over-engineered project up at his site.
He has created a Mechanical hit counter for his website.
From the page:

I've always subscribed to the Rube Goldberg School of Engineering Design, the philosophy of which is "simple, elegant solutions are for the unimaginative". These are words I can live by.
Overengineered designs are where Art and Science meet, eye each other up a bit, sink a few pints, and head off to Science's apartment to see his etchings. I tip my hat to Mr. Goldberg, using a machine that tips hats in 22 steps, starting with cracking an egg.
Here, then, is my humble contribution to the rich tradition of overengineering — the Mechanical Hit Counter.

+ - Why Linux is the new Amiga

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "James Cornelius has noticed an uncanny similarity between the old Amiga scene, and the current Linux scene.

He contends that the angst and smugness that made up the Amiga scene in the 80s and 90s has found a new outlet in the Linux scene, and to prove his point, he analyses comments from Linux users on his web site."
The Media

+ - Global Warming Endangered by Hot Air?

Submitted by
oldwindways writes "The BBC reports that leading climate researchers are concerned that the tone of speculation surrounding many reports (scientific as well as in the media) could be making it more difficult for legitimate science to make a case for the future. Is Hollywood to blame? Have we "cried wolf" too many times with global warming? Or is this just a case of some researchers who are not ready to face the truth?

Either way, it raises the interesting question of how greater public awareness of Global Warming might be affecting the course of research and vice versa. Not to mention what happens when public awareness is shaped by factors other than scientific findings."

+ - February Sees Sales of 335k Wiis Vs 127k PS3s

Submitted by
eldavojohn writes "Both the PS3 & Wii debuted in November of this year and the console counts are in for the number of each sold in the United States in the entire month of February. While you may be able to claim the Wii is clearly more popular and that Nintendo won the month of February, please do note (as the article does not) that a Wii grosses $250 while a PS3 (on average) grosses $550 meaning that Nintendo grossed about $84 million while Sony grossed around $70 million on consoles — two numbers a bit closer revealing it may be too early yet to declare a victor. I hope I never see a victor declared & the price wars continue with added game innovation to utilize the power of the PS3 & the unique controls of the Wii."

Enormous Amount of Frozen Water Found on Mars 442

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the or-at-least-way-more-than-before dept.
schweini writes " is reporting that the Mars Express probe's MARSIS (Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding) experiment has detected and measured an enormous amount of water ice near Mars' south pole, which would be sufficient to submerge the whole planet's surface underneath approximately 10m of water on average."

+ - Thousands sign e-petition on rip-off Vista

Submitted by CoolWolf
CoolWolf (666) writes "CustomPC News, Monday 26th February 2007
Thousands sign e-petition on rip-off Vista nds-sign-epetition-on-ripoff-vista.html

Petition info and link:
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to bring pressure on Microsoft to stop them overcharging the UK for its Vista Operating System.
Submitted by Paul Milne — Deadline to sign up by: 20 April 2007 — Signatures: 8,051"

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