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Comment: Re:I think its gonna be a long long time (Score 1) 105

You can try this in KSP with the Ferram Aerospace mod installed (it adds a much more realistic aerodynamic model). I've just given up on it after three attempts, but maybe it's doable... ... Actually, just have Scott Manley pilot the landing!

Comment: Re:The insane part to me... (Score 1) 118

by spiritplumber (#48673833) Attached to: US Navy Sells 'Top Gun' Aircraft Carrier For One Penny
So, a large jeep carrier? That's not a bad idea actually. If I was in charge of the design I'd do a floating airstrip/refueling barge that can handle heavy aircraft and otherwise just mostly sits there. Just park an AEGIS cruiser next to it for command-and-control. You can even tow it in place in sections, and put it together on arrival.

Comment: Re:Comcast Business Class (Score 1) 291

by spiritplumber (#48563249) Attached to: Comcast Sued For Turning Home Wi-Fi Routers Into Public Hotspots
I did this, I still got charges $8 a month for renting their modem for 4 months... getting them to see the problem required initiating a video chat with the operator and physically showing them that the modem wasn't one of theirs. Took another month to get reimbursed.

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