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Comment Step by step instructions (Score 5, Interesting) 324

1) Make one of these:

2) Hand everything over. Warn the bad guys that if they try to use your USB stick, it'll fry their computer.

3) When they fry their computer, ask if they have learned their lesson about taking you on your word.

4) Be cooperative. You already won the battle of wits, be a gracious winner.

5) Your data was on your obscure self-hosted webserver elsewhere in the first place.

Comment Re:alternately: (Score 4, Interesting) 492

It's less smugness and more earthquake protection. Building anything taller than 2 floors in San Francisco is a regulatory nightmare AND a civil engineering nightmare, because it has to be able to withstand the last big quake as we're all waiting for the next one. I live 30 miles north, enjoy a very safe neighborhood (I don't even lock my door - a lot of my neighbors don't, which is why one evening I found an old guy in my kitchen primly inform me that I was out of orange juice before he realized he got to the wrong home) and show up in person once a week.

Comment Re:Wow, lots of people shilling and talking out th (Score 1) 77

I got a Wii after the first price decrease, and it was absolutely great. Pair that with a ceiling mounted projector and a handmade light bar, and we got a really immersive thing for parties (Then there's the time when a Wii Boxing tourny turned into an actual brawl, but that happens). 4AM Brawl in various altered states was hilarious. The Wii U was basically less of the same. One person would have a tablet controller, or not. No Gamecube controllers for brawl. The new games felt like they could've been running on the Wii just fine. Meh.

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