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Comment: Re:80% of people working in a field (Score 2) 156

by spire3661 (#46833825) Attached to: DC Revolving Door: Ex-FCC Commissioner Is Now Head CTIA Lobbyist
Allowing only business people to sit on these boards means they inevitably ignore the commons in favor of business. We need someone to chair the FCC that understands that internet connectivity should be regulated as a utility and the only way to make more profit is to offer faster service. The bare minimum of service is 1 GB/sec (just like 240v/120v standard electric service). If you cant provide that level of service, you dont get right-of-way. Further, this person needs to re-instate the rules of old where is you transmitted media you couldn't own the media you were transmitting. NO business person is ever going to do that. We need the heads of our nation to represent the people, not represent them with progress through profit.

Comment: Re:What the hell is this article? (Score 1) 242

by spire3661 (#46801323) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?
Every single citizen should be able to donate a LIMITED amount of money politically, and the money can only come from their personal accounts. Corporations should be forbidden to donate to politics at all, with heavy and severe corruption charges for anyone that does it.. If a corporation wants to flex its citizen power, its members can do so directly, but it should not be allowed to focus and amplify.

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