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Comment: Re:The real crime here (Score 1) 362

by spire3661 (#47731561) Attached to: 33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater
Sorry, but i will never support putting people in cages for 'stealing' intellectual property, EVER. Copyright is a social bargain, and the other side has taken FAR too many liberties. Lets not make it any easier for them. WE are in a golden age of culture generation right now, there is no social need for such strong IP protections.

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by spire3661 (#47731513) Attached to: 33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater
I agree that physical correction is sometimes necessary. The problem is very few people know how to properly apply it, and fewer still will take the message to heart. It escalates more than anything else. I often lament that i cant jsut go pound the crap out of my neighbor instead of calling the cops, but it would escalate into true violence and possibly vendetta.

Comment: Re:The ROAD will make these choices (Score 1) 239

We dont lose 30,000+ people a year to cellphones (U.S).... Your analogy is bad. The main purpose of autonomous cars will be to remove human ego and error from the equation. No modified cars will be able to even run on the autonomous roads in the not too distant future. You might not even be able to own a private car that operates on them, but only use them as a form of individualized mass transit wit ha standard issue vehicle.

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Any modified car wont be allowed on the autonomous lanes at all. Getting caught operating a modified car on the 'no human operator' sections will induce heavy fines, loss of use of private vehicle, etc.. In short no, your cyberpunk dreams arent going to happen. The whole point of autonomous cars is to remove human-drive ability altogether.

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I learned an important lesson from Charles Winchester III on MASH. Hawkeye and BJ were feasting on some goods sent from home and keeping it from Charles. HE smiles and says ~ 'Not to worry, your middle class morals will force you to share it with me'. It seemed to me that a ton of 'moral fiber' idealism is handed down from the elites to keep the proles in line.

Comment: The ROAD will make these choices (Score 1) 239

Autonomous cars will be slaves, they wont be making choices for themselves. They will follow the ruleset the Road Computer sets for them. Cars will be in constant contact with the road with beacons giving them differing rulesets (speed, school nearby etc). No person is going to have selectable ethics.

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WRONG. I was booking a trip to Flagstaff, AZ the other day via train and there were many track warnings of BASF doing track upgrades, resulting in passengers being taken off the 'network' entirely and shoved into buses.. Trains are NOWHERE near 5 sigma in any way. The Pacific Surfliner route has a 78% on time record....not great (amtrak publishes their reliability stats).

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I dont want a 3rd party thinking its ok to raid my digital locker without true cause. I'm sorry you feel that is ideologically impractical. ITs fine, i run my own private cloud anyways, but im still going ot look down my nose at police-state shit like this. P.S. Im not childless.

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