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Comment: Re:Faster using less power! (Score 1) 107

by spire3661 (#47954635) Attached to: NVIDIA Launches Maxwell-Based GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 GPUs
For me, its not about the money, its about heat, noise, case size, power draw (as related to PSU sizing) etc. I cant keep the 770 on my desk (noise, heat), but i might be able to keep the 970 on my desk. There are other factors. I will give my 770 to my nephew and get his 750 ti back(another maxwell part) to put in my HTPC. When i talk about power consumption, I'm always more concerned with all the other factors besides actual electricity cost vs capital outlay. While it might not pencil out financially, that doesn't negate the sum of the other gains. IM more concerned with packing more power per watt than saving money.

Comment: Re:Only payments? (Score 1) 324

by spire3661 (#47951059) Attached to: Apple Locks iPhone 6/6+ NFC To Apple Pay Only
Fair enough. Stop saying choice is inherently a bad thing. Security is the search for the place between usability and safety. You cant have perfect security, you cant have perfect usability. Its always a compromise. Dont try to tell people they cant have usability in your search for perfect security. Applying 'herd mentality' logic to all computers isnt going to win you many friends here , the idea being you should secure your own stuff not kill choice so you feel safe.

Comment: Re:iOS NFC Only Being Used for Apple Pay (Score 1) 324

by spire3661 (#47937509) Attached to: Apple Locks iPhone 6/6+ NFC To Apple Pay Only
Its because the philosophy of the two are vastly different. Apple limits functionality for ease of use and profit protection, Android tries to give as much user freedom as is possible. Apple has no problem saying 'Thou shalt not do that, because i said so'. OF COURSE these two philosophies are going to clash.

Comment: Re:Flash and Silverlight (Score 2) 61

by spire3661 (#47934257) Attached to: Tinba Trojan Targets Major US Banks
Ugh. You cant even stop the screen from blanking in Ubuntu without executing SEVERAL command lines involving 3 separate processes. I like Linux, but damn they make shit harder than it needs to be sometimes. I would LOVE for Linux to at least have feature parity in simple stuff like disabling screen blanking. That sort of thing should be exposed in the UI, there is no excuse for that kind of incompetence.

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