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Comment coming from a storage provider... (Score 4, Informative) 237

We have well over 150 3TB Seagate Barracuda's at work that are halfway into their second year of operation. The first year has been pretty flawless, maybe 1 failure, but the second year, we've had about 15 already get peppered with bad sectors and its continuing to happen at least once per week or so on more drives. This hands a lot of crediblity to Backblazes findings if you ask me. Again these are modern 3TB Barracuda's, (non-XT) I was sad when they discontued the XT line, simply because we have about 30 of the XT 2TB models into their 3rd year and no failures yet. Oh, right, they didn't discontinue the XT at all, rather turned it into the Constellation series and sold it for double the price!

Comment Re:I'm betting on Valve being sneaky here... (Score 1) 280

Also, Sony and Microsoft won't even be ready with their new consoles for at least another year, its quite a long time to wait when their hardware is the limiting factor in todays games.... everything has to be watered down for the PS3/360... and that disease spreads to todays PC games... its consolitis at its finest.

Comment Re:I'm betting on Valve being sneaky here... (Score 1) 280

Valve would actually be saving the PC gaming market, as all those games will typically be on PC Steam as well! Todays typical console business model from the big 3 is growing old, and frankly I'm tired of getting gouged. Valve will bring a breath of fresh air! Put a lot of those cheap Steam specials on a Valve console, and they will come, in droves... allow you to play games elsewhere at friends based on steam login, and uh, you get the idea.... Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft would have to change their pathetic gouging business model completely in order to compete with Steam... I'm sure people would buy the Steam console just to get brand new games on release without having to leave their couch...

Comment Re:Sweet! (Score 1) 280

I can't be the only one that thought Shadows of the Empire on N64 was a good game, surely they can bring out more like this with todays graphics... I don't care much about strict canon as long as its fun.
PC Games (Games)

PC Games To Watch For In 2013 280

An anonymous reader writes "PC Gamer has put together a huge list of PC games that are due to come out in 2013. They've broken out the lists by genre, and each list is pretty long. It looks like a good starting point for finding the games you want to keep an eye on. Here are some highlights: Star Wars 1313: 'Early glimpses suggest the game will ignore lightsabers and force powers in favor of gadgetry and guns, and the claims are for a more grounded and gritty fiction, instead of the fruity pan-galactic melodrama to which we are accustomed.' The Elder Scrolls Online: 'The real reason to watch The Elder Scrolls Online is the talent behind it – the ex-Mythic developers responsible for the innovative Warhammer: Age of Reckoning and, before that, Dark Age of Camelot. Don't write off the old-school MMO just yet.' Mars: War Logs: 'Say it with me: a cyberpunk RPG set on Mars. That's all you need to know.' Ring Runner: 'Missions challenge you to escape exploding trenches, battle bosses bigger than your screen, race against NPC pilots and engage in spectacular space skirmishes in an engine modeled on the laws of Newtonian physics.' There will also be new installments of Dragon Age, SimCity, Grand Theft Auto, StarCraft, Command & Conquer, and Everquest."

Comment crypto (Score 2) 125

With all the recent Wi-Fi developments, why isn't encryption now standard? I should be able to setup an *open* access point with encryption these days so my users don't get their email passwords jacked. There is absolutely NO technical reason why this cannot be part of any modern specification. I will never ever use an open access point for this very reason...

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