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Comment Crayola and crayons (Score 0) 102

AFAIK Crayola failed to defend the name and it became synonymous with a wax colored stick rather than a specific product produced by a specific company. Windows is much the same, prior to M$ windows, if you can remember back that far referred to a virtual window on an IBM mainframe, but M$ failed to vigorously defend the term and it became an industry wide term used by all.

Comment A service is a service (Score 1) 249

Either regulate UBER just like you would the competing service, in this case a Taxi service, or DON'T regulate the taxi service and let them openly compete with UBER. It seems foolish to have 2 standards. After having ridden in a cabs frequently, on a regular schedule I worked out a deal with the drivers myself and was never disappointed, as I headed out the door at 06:30 every morning to find one waiting at the end of my drive way.

Comment Re:The street will become half as wide (Score 1) 258

Wish I had mod points... Where I live in the SF Bay area there are bike lanes on nearly every street, excluding the freeways which are off limits anyways, the problem is the bikes won't stick to one medium. They go from Peds on the side-walk, to bikes in the protected space, to deciding to share the space my car is CURRENTLY occupying within 30 feet without a pause or even a look many times. I like riding my bike, and if my employer would provide a shower, and someplace to put my bike I would ride often, but bikes need to either observe the same rules of the road constantly or get off the road into protected lanes, and the rules need to be enforced...

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