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Submitted by spielermacher
spielermacher (856042) writes "Entertainment Industry consultant and audio aficionado Andre Vrignaud had his Comcast broadband service shut down for one year (with no appeal) for making the decision to store his (admittedly hefty) audio and photograph library in the cloud. The reason: Comcast applies upload AND download bandwidth to the monthly 250gb limit."
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by spielermacher (#21231943) Attached to: Elder Scrolls MMOG In Development?

The question is, if they develop an MMO, are they hiring all new guys to do it, or are some of the experienced TES devs working on it? Does this mean no TES:V?"
Dunno about TES:V, but it appears that an all new team is being put together by them to make MMOs. ZenMax Media (parent company of Bethesda Softworks) has set up a new studio called ZeniMax Online Studios, and according to their website ( they are working on MMOs. It's headed by Matt Firor, one of the guys from Mythic (made DAOC back in the day).

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