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Comment: Re:Too early yet to bury Thunderbolt (Score 1) 259

by spheric_harlot (#36632018) Attached to: First Thunderbolt Peripherals Arrive To Market
So. My studio is not high-end, but I have eight hard drives, an external monitor, and two audio interfaces connected to the ProBook. On the road, I use external bus-powered drives and bus-powered Firewire or USB interfaces. Explain to me how any S-ATA-based tech would make my life easier and scale five to ten years into the future.

Comment: Re:or maybe (Score 1) 259

by spheric_harlot (#36631958) Attached to: First Thunderbolt Peripherals Arrive To Market
iPods got progressively cheaper, but were later replaced by higher-end Flash devices. The entry price for the iPod touch is still substantially lower than the original iPod in October 2001. The original iPhone got cheaper within months. iBooks got progressively cheaper over their lifespan. Just in the space of the last year, we've seen price drops for iMacs, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Air, and (in Europe) MacBook Pros.

Comment: Re:So, UX then (Score 1) 511

by spheric_harlot (#35975926) Attached to: Is Canonical the Next Apple?

awesome case of post/sig disagreement

...after 10 years of using Linux he switches to Apple because it "just works"?

Stuff "just worked" on Mandrake and that came along less than 10 years after the beginning of Linux.

MacOS is less transparent, tends to castrate the usefulness of interfaces, tends to make dealing with legacy and alien data harder and tends to give you these all encompassing uber-apps that are like the exact opposite of the Unix approach to building tools.

Macs are very much like Windows machines in that you probably want to avoid the OS vendor apps as much as you can.

Strangely enough, Ubuntu is kind of the same way. You probably want to avoid the apps they champion. Unity is a great example of this.

and then your sig:

Specs? That's too geeky. Just make it go.

Comment: Re:Been said before, but (Score 1) 353

by spheric_harlot (#35945650) Attached to: iPhone Tracking Ruckus Ongoing
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, but Apple switched over to the Dark Side when they ditched Motorola 680x0 and formed an alliance with the mortal enemy, IBM, to forge the PowerPC. THAT was earth-shattering. The switch to Intel has been nothing but positive for them - and us, as users. Also, Apple actually did pre-install MS-IE as their default browser for about five years, from 1998 up until Safari was released, whenever that was.

Comment: It's about royalties (Score 1, Interesting) 90

by spheric_harlot (#35620684) Attached to: Apple Wins a Round In Patent Battle With Nokia
The thing about patent lawsuits is that they result in licensing agreements. If you win the rights, the market turns into a win-win situation, either because even losing market share means you make money off the competitors' products, or because you can cross-license to get access to others' IP that YOU would have to pay royalties for on every device you sell.

Comment: Re:A BIT expensive?! (Score 1) 627

by spheric_harlot (#35329596) Attached to: New Apple MacBook Pro Reviewed
Hang on. That Lenovo 420s STARTS at $1300, and has a dual-core Sandy Bridge i5 - which is only available in the 13" MBP for $1200. In addition, battery life "can be extended up to 10 hours by adding an additional battery that goes into the optical drive bay". Okay. So it's *considerably* less than 10 hours with the stock 6-cell battery, and boosting it adds a lot more weight, presumably, and probably brings the price up, too. So you've got "the OS, the design, and some other features like higher-contrast-ratio LCD", and Thunderbolt, and a compromise on weight vs. battery life, without needing to drop the optical drive, vs. Larger display, slightly lighter (or heavier, if you drop the optical for battery life), and higher price. Honestly, it sounds like Apple is just offering a slightly different set of compromises, and is absolutely in the same ballpark.

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