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Game Endings Going Out of Style? 190

An article in the Guardian asks whether the focus of modern games has shifted away from having a clear-cut ending and toward indefinite entertainment instead. With the rise of achievements, frequent content updates and open-ended worlds, it seems like publishers and developers are doing everything they can to help this trend. Quoting: "Particularly before the advent of 'saving,' the completion of even a simple game could take huge amounts of patience, effort and time. The ending, like those last pages of a book, was a key reason why we started playing in the first place. Sure, multiplayer and arcade style games still had their place, but fond 8, 16 and 32-bit memories consist more of completion and satisfaction than particular levels or tricky moments. Over the past few years, however, the idea of a game as simply something to 'finish' has shifted somewhat. For starters, the availability of downloadable content means no story need ever end, as long as the makers think there's a paying audience. Also, the ubiquity of broadband means multiplayer gaming is now the standard, not the exception it once was. There is no real 'finish' to most MMORPGs."

Comment Don't want the shot-- Say you're allergic to eggs (Score 1) 541

Personally, I'd take the shot if it was required by my employer. But it doesn't seem like people really would have to choose between losing their job and getting the shot. If they claim they're allergic to eggs, I highly doubt they would test for that. People allergic to chicken eggs aren't given flu shots.

Comment Re:private website: (Score 1) 197

The .gov site wasn't super fast but it worked. You would think Section 508 compliance wouldn't be an outstanding issue with such a large high-profile contract. I wonder how much more money the contractor will get to make the site compliant. results for my zip code: $0

Comment Re:Driving While Distracted (Score 1) 408

I actually support no-texting laws to bring awareness to everyone who apparently hasn't gotten the message about driving while distracted. Although, I wish in Virginia it wasn't a secondary offense. I suppose you could also make the argument that DWI/DUI laws aren't necessary either because that could be covered under reckless driving. Then we'd have more people thinking they could drive drunk so long as they don't drive badly.

Comment thoughts on commericials (Score 1) 179

I don't understand why everyone makes such a big deal of the Super Bowl commercials. Just because they're expensive time slots to buy doesn't mean they're going to be worth watching. Tonight I caught the soft drink one with Bill Frist and James Carville and it was amusing, but basically the commercials just provide a convenient time to visit the commode.

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (9) Dammit, little-endian systems *are* more consistent!