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Comment: Re:ad blocker? (Score 1) 358

by speedlaw (#49440679) Attached to: Google To Offer Ad-Free YouTube - At a Price
I'm sufficiently concerned that I use a private company for my mail. I could do it for "free", but prefer to pay for my work files not being data mined... You mean there are folks who don't ad-block ? Oh, and yes, I do FF commercials. The second thing I did with my Tivo was to activate the 30 second skip. That alone is worth the monthly subscription fee.

Comment: I feel your pain (Score 2) 249

by speedlaw (#49395351) Attached to: Sony Buys, Shuts Down OnLive
I had two of the excellent Sony HDD 250 DVRs. They are/were better than Tivo until this last generation....well built, and a good first effort. They got data from TV Guide onscreen. Listings, info, and time. TV Guide onscreen was a listing service that would download from an OTA or cable station, interlaced into the signal. It was carried by PBS in the analog era, then CBS when digital transition took place. TV Guide was sold to Rovi (Macrovision). Shortly thereafter, the listing service was shut down. Sony and Rovi were both mute as to those of us who had bought into TV Guide onscreen. I mean, really, who could get screwed by TV GUIDE ???? So much for the old economy and assumptions. We were left high and dry. There was no alternate way to get the listings. Some units with later versions of TV Guide onscreen were internet compatible, but these weren't. Now, I'm not ranting about free listings. These units would not take a time stamp from anything other than a TVGOS source, over the air... So, once the TVGOS service died, your clock did too. No, there was no "clock set" in the menu. Whose idea or requirement this was should be shot. Twice. Some convoluted work arounds were devised, but the simple fact is that you had a random clock when you plugged it in. For the normal person, you just bricked it. No TVGOS signal = no clock = no programming. Thanks Sony.

Comment: You can't hit people at work (Score 1, Offtopic) 662

by speedlaw (#49345641) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear
Moron. Won't change a thing here. Cut the cable cord a while back, Hulu for back episodes, and non usian web sites for the current season. The Stig-The Stig The Snob-to be replaced The Bloke-Hammond The Bard-May Reboot with another Snob. I can only imagine what his real snob position as real or faker is in the brit class system. Here in the US we don't pick up on that fine gradation.

Comment: Re:HackRF, Ham it up, and the TV on a stick chips. (Score 1) 135

I find it fascinating that everyone now carries a digital spread spectrum, full duplex device. When I was a kid, messing with (yes) 11 meters, and later graduation to ham, this was a fantasy from sci-fi. When the first brick cell phone came out, hams had already been "phone patching" to local repeaters for years. Try to explain to someone why they can or cannot get a signal, basic propagation knowledge, and you get a blank stare. No one has a clue how any of this works. We have seen Heinlein's Law in my lifetime !

Comment: Very good points (Score 1) 135

by speedlaw (#49133695) Attached to: Developers Disclose Schematics For 50-1000 MHz Software-Defined Transceiver
The presentation is spot on about the lack of innovation with the current big 3 ham equipment makers. Thank you for pushing the envelope in a hammy way. I'm impressed by the current crop of SDR, but it comes at a price and this promises to do more with less. Come out with a moderate power HF rig before china finally gets it's act together and spits them out....

Comment: Re:Not a place where competing is a winning strate (Score 1) 186

by speedlaw (#49116097) Attached to: Google Teams Up With 3 Wireless Carriers To Combat Apple Pay
Everyone there is gunning to be the next Visa...taking a permanent 2% tax on every transaction. Sharp elbows and such are to be expected. I still don't see a need to make my charge card two orders of magnitude more complicated-the battery in my credit card never runs out. Maybe thats a bad thing... No one ever makes it cheaper. They want you to bank on line, but no one ever offers to rebate you the billing by dead tree expenses.... Do you accept....CASH ?

Comment: Evil Twin (Score 1) 106

by speedlaw (#49005477) Attached to: Kickstarted Firefox OS HDMI Dongle Delayed, DRM Support Being Added
HDMI is a licensing scheme. HDCP is the evil twin that you must bring along..... At the outset of HD TV, the industry was afraid that some flavor of DVI would be the open source plug, so invented HDMI. I've read the licensing docs (at least the ones you can find on the web) and an HDMI dongle that does not protect the MAFIAA will find itself sued out of existence.

Comment: Re:Yeah, but... (Score 1) 303

by speedlaw (#48748539) Attached to: FBI Says Search Warrants Not Needed To Use "Stingrays" In Public Places
More likely, there is FCC approval, but it is classified. The FCC would not want to blow up the rest of the spectrum. Notice how unhappy they get when someone decides to use a cell jammer. There was one instance where a cell jammer was used by a driver, who "took out" a whole tower every day when he passed it. The FCC tracked him down and fined him. I'd guess Harris has a "type acceptance" for the radios.

Comment: Scanner is Blocked (Score 1) 303

by speedlaw (#48748357) Attached to: FBI Says Search Warrants Not Needed To Use "Stingrays" In Public Places
Back in the analog days, after a few embarassing phone conversations were recorded in a few places in the world, any radio scanner sold in the USA had to block out the 800 mhz cell frequencies. Clearly, someone thought the general public listening in was a bad idea. Now, the conversations are in an encrypted spead spectrum format. A Casual listener cannot hear anything. A stingray is decrypting this proprietary format. I would argue a HUGE expectation of privacy when using a cell phone, despite it being a radio device. Clearly, you need to be very motivated, or very government, to hear it.....

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