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Comment google it (Score 3, Interesting) 305

We've taken to googling the price of every drug we see. How many folks have diabetes or foot fungus, a lot....those drugs are about 20k/yr. The really narrowcast cancer drugs (what percentage of your audience has small cell lung cancer ?) are about 200k per year. I can see the desperate haranging a doc to prescribe this, even if the doc knows differently. If it isn't OTC, then it should not be advertised to the mass market. All this does is drive up prices. Oh, "if you can't afford your medication, XXXX MAY be able to help" burns me on so many levels, I hope the CEO of the company's family all need that drug, and that for them it is all "side effects". Everything wrong with the US "health" care system is shown by advertising these drugs direct to consumer.

Comment Antenna is more important than radio (Score 1) 77

Hams know that a good antenna system backed by a marginal radio will always beat a great radio on a garbage antenna. Good to know that rule applies for wireless as well. My move to an AC router meant that my 2.4 ghz signal is now maxed out in the whole house, and the 5 ghz signal, which used to work in two rooms only, now covers the whole house like my old router on 2.4.

Comment There are ads on the internet ? (Score 2) 351

I was surprised to find this out. I've had blockers on my stuff for the last, oh, five years. I got hit by a bad ad at one point, and realized it was just another attack vector. I'm sorry that the legit guys lost too, but it is kind of like 50 people pass through your house, one is a thief. None of them NEED to be there, so you can lock the door without feeling bad about it. Every time I have to de-malware someone's machine, it is left with full adblock on all browsers...and I'm not even a real geek.

Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 1) 179

Because now that you have a camera you can post your videos. The guy who spent days building a perfect P-51 replica isn't going to buzz the US open with it. The guy who bought it on line and had a box truck deliver it will. Likewise the guy who causes water planes to divert from a fire run out west. They can't think beyond "getting a shot".

Comment Pirate anyway (Score 1) 207

Darn. The lads find the one service I don't subscribe to. I guess I'll have to find a stream like I did for the last season on the BBC. TG is special because you get to see them beat up the cars,not just give puff pieces on them. You know the X3 is know that lots of cars suck even tho they are expensive. There is a boor at every party. JC is that person. I'm sure If I understood the class system of Britain this would be even more interesting, but I live in the colonies.

Comment Follow the signals (Score 1) 321

The whole "X was faked" theory misses one key point. If the moon landings were bogus, the Russians, Chinese, and a few others, all of whom had/have the technical ability would have blown the whistle on us. How would you fake a radio signal going behind the moon and coming back ? Not so simple. Likewise, you'd have to fake the data coming in. Seems like a lot of work to get a radio signal from outside Neptune's orbit....... The real tragedy is we can't currently go BACK to the moon....

Comment Re:Insurance makes sense (Score 1) 151

You need to read up on 85th percentile speeds and free flow. The 85th percentile results in the lowest accident involvement rate.... Posting speed limits at the 50th percentile only results in traffic clumping and more conflicts in the traffic flow. This has been properly and professionally researched and reproduced. Your gut instinct is wrong.

Comment Re:Insurance makes sense (Score 1) 151

Not even close. Speed limits should be set on a limited access highway at the 85th percentile of free flow traffic. (google Davy and Warren) Every state's DOT monitors this and published speed numbers by quarter. 85th percentiles on most 55/65 roads are in the 70-75 mph range. In a just world, most 55 mph highways would read 70, and most 65 roads posted at 80, enforced at 85. In the US, the idea that speed limits are set according to anything remotely like a "best case scenario" is a joke. I have seen speed limits set dynamically in Germany with adjustable signs, and that works very well, but they aren't locked at "max speed (something slower than free flow on a good day)" You do realize the "reference car" for the interstate system is a 1960's design with one brake circuit out. None of this applies to residential roads or dense pedestrian areas.

Comment Re:Not quite (Score 1) 485

No, because Germany took over without a single shot being fired. This is the true turning point in world politics...that one nation can subjugate another without even running a few Jeeps around a parade field in a show of force. Not a single plane encroached upon Greek airspace, not a single submarine run any offensive drill. Nope, a few bankers with a spreadsheet. Beats Genocide, at least....

Comment Re:Ride one in January (Score 1) 100

You win. The Bike lanes have destroyed traffic flow and removed parking. Lowering the speed limit to 25 is a stealth tax outside Park Slope and Manhattan. I drove across NYC below canal street, and the tight streets, never great, were gridlock as half of the road was marked for bicycles. No bikes, hundreds of cars. Next up, mad cameras to enforce Zero Vision.

Comment Same Danger as Congestion Pricing (Score 1) 837

The overall desire to track everyone is the goal. In NYC, we had a Congestion Pricing plan put forth. The bottom line was that there HAD to be a financial toll, as they wanted to track everyone. Luckily, Upstate NY didn't think that charging a toll to see NYC was fair, but.... This is the same idea, with a different "reason". Try this one...index fuel taxes to inflation (not that that number is accurate anymore, at least as issued by the Feds). If you drive a prius, less tax. Drive an Escalade, more tax. Drive an 18 Wheeler, still more tax. Fair, anonymous, and fixes the system. Oh, I'm sorry. This is America, land of the Oligarch. We have to give this to a private company, make sure that it is enforced outside the court system, and make some Wall Street guy able to buy a west coast beach house as well as an east coast beach house.

Comment Re:The horrible TV control interface (Score 1) 244

The problem is that every remote has one or two functions that can't be done on a universal. You can get crazy with a Harmony remote but you have to do everything in sequence. Eventually you end up with one remote per box..... Manufacturers all don't work together, so they can influence you to stay brand loyal. Tech support for Grandma can be dicey.

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