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Comment: One Damned Button ! (Score 1) 130

by speedlaw (#46701287) Attached to: Apple, Google, and Amazon's Quest For One Remote Control Is Futile
No matter how much you try, there is always one button that each remote has, you need, and that cannot easily be duplicated on a universal. This is the same problem that we have with e-payment. A system that works for all cannot arise as each player wants to be the only game in town.

Comment: Re:Okay, so they have to explicitly state charges. (Score 1) 97

by speedlaw (#46679979) Attached to: FCC Orders Comcast To Stop Labeling Equipment Rental a Service Fee
Buy them ? You can get a tivo, but there is a rental. The last "non rental" box was the Sony HDD series, which lasted six months in 2007 or so. I surmise there is some sort of "must be individually addressable" rule under the Cable card rules. There have been DVR since then, but they either are OTA only, or rental basis (TiVo). The companies have lobbied successfully to get all signals scrambled-save the OTA local market. Since they used to stream in analog the change to digital was used to restrict things...there is zero reason the QAM signals can't be open, and read by most HDTV sets with no the desire to bang everyone $8 per box, or more for a DVR.

Comment: Overcomplicated junk.. (Score 0) 496

by speedlaw (#46645567) Attached to: Will Cameras Replace Sideview Mirrors On Cars In 2018?
I'm perturbed, as my Valentine One goes off all the time. Always a low level K band hit. Always near a Mercedes, Volvo, or sometimes new Caddy. It comes from a small radar transmitter, which if it senses a car in the blind spot, lights up a triangle in the mirror of the car to alert the driver as to a blind spot issue. A small tweak to the mirrors (see new Fords, or any euro mirrors) allows you to see blind spots with zero tech. These guys and the morons using laser cruise control, such as Volvo or infiniti, deserve cosmic abuse. I worry about folks who need a reminder they are too close to another car, or are swerving.

Comment: Re:"needs to end" (Score 1) 291

by speedlaw (#46644935) Attached to: NASA Halts Non-ISS Work With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis
I'm sorely disappointed that we let anyone take our manned ride into space out of the US. We should have gotten the capsules up before we stopped the shuttle. OK, the shuttle never became the space truck it was sold as, but as a kid watching US go into space on the teevee, I'm just amazed. We may have some launch capability we don't know about...consider that the SR 71 was existing in 1960. What do we have today that is that removed from the daily level of tech ?

Comment: Re:Why dealerships get a free ride (Score 1) 342

by speedlaw (#46460519) Attached to: New Jersey Auto Dealers Don't Want to Face Tesla
Taking this to the limit, if you have an older BMW, it will cost more than a new one to keep it going. If you have some skills and go aftermarket for parts, it costs the same as a normal car to keep running. I have learned NOT to buy any car without a thriving aftermarket for parts. You do have to avoid Pacific Rim imitation parts, but I have bought many BMW and Honda parts with, as the OP noted, the company brand dremeled off.....for half or less price.

Comment: They all vary (Score 4, Insightful) 276

by speedlaw (#46041465) Attached to: Yep, People Are Still Using '123456' and 'Password' As Passwords In 2014
The reason passwords suck is: This one wants eight characters, with a symbol and letter This one wants eight characters, with NO symbols, and a letter This one wants upper and lower case letters This one wants upper and lower case with a symbol and number This one want upper and lower with no symbols. The formats change all the time, so it is no wonder that most people end up with a post it note stuck to the computer, or if stealthy, inside the draw.

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