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Comment: Re:what the hell are you doing on your cellphone (Score 1) 220

by kesuki (#47540581) Attached to: Verizon Now Throttling Top 'Unlimited' Subscribers On 4G LTE

good comment but i have a bit more detail. if you use wifi on your smartphone then it uses about 200mb a month for light in car use (not as driver though)
verizon and walmart have a 20 year contract for pay as you go, unlimited data for their straighttalk wireless users.
the 'average' smartphone user uses 1 gb per month based on verizons numbers.
verizon is crying crocodile tears here, cause 'poor folk' can afford unlimited wireless and can and will stream music and videos if they don't cost them money and the buffering isn't too bad, especially if they are paying $45 a month for unlimited everything from walmart, without a contract (if you use a used phone, or buy a pay as you go phone)
verizon rampantly spies on users and when making a slow lane for torrenters they realized legal streaming customers were using their expensive hardware for old contracts of unlimited data that are no longer offered to new customers.
despite the fact there is dark fiber and dark spectrum. why can one apartment building have wifi from every user and has only a small spectrum of broadcast yet cell carriers are supposedly restrained by their data networks capabilities? hah, this plan to only throttle when a tower is over-saturated is a bait and switch scam, they will take down towers and claim their networks are over-saturated and throttle the networks so no one can use it so they can put cheaper gear in their towers. i just spent $100 on a wireless router and it's radio is almost double the signal of the old $40 walmart router. fwiw it's a 1750ac router. and fwiw the same router sells for $180 at walmart, but i bought it online. anyways better gear costs more and thus this is just verizon lying about why they want permission to throttle wireless signals they want to use cheaper hardware and take down towers. the sad part though is that a modern communication satellite can transmit over 1,000 channels of 1080i sized channels of broadcast, as long as it doesn't have to process the signals onboard. i've heard as high as 5000 channels and that is from a hundred some odd miles above the sky... wireless signals have way more bandwidth it is just that terrestrial based com signals are all processed so it can be spied on, and processing that is not as cheap as unprocessed (in the sky) data.

Comment: Don't get too happy (Score 1) 74

by cpt kangarooski (#47537873) Attached to: Compromise Struck On Cellphone Unlocking Bill

This bill actually does very little. The DMCA is written very broadly, and has been commonly interpreted as to prohibit cell phone unlocking. Because Congress, in the 90s, when they enacted the stupid thing, was aware that the DMCA could go too far, but didn't want to be cautious or have to keep reexamining the law itself, they gave authority to the Library of Congress to add exceptions to it in specific cases. The process for these exceptions is that every three years, anyone who wants an exception has to plead their case. If found worthy, they get an exception. But the exception only lasts until the next rule making session, three years hence. Then it has to be reargued from scratch or lost.

Two rule making sessions ago, the Library of Congress found that cellphone unlocking was worthy of an exception. But in the most recent rule making session, they did not find it worthy, and the exception was lost; it went back to its default state of being illegal.

This law could have amended the DMCA to permanently allow cellphone unlocking. Or it could've directed the Library of Congress to always find that cellphone unlocking is allowed. But it does neither of these.

Instead it only reinstates the rule from two sessions ago for the remainder of the current session. Next year it will have to be argued again, from scratch, to the Library of Congress, or lost, again. And even if argued, it can be rejected, again.

This is less than useless. It's only a temporary patch, it doesn't even have an iota of long term effect (the rules don't take precedent into account, and this doesn't change it), and we've wasted all this effort getting it instead of something worthwhile.

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by kesuki (#47535909) Attached to: Burn, Baby, Burn!

real 'sustainable' living isn't a bad goal. if you presume that all people are fundamentally incapable of doing this then you are on the wrong side of history. humans have had technology since people started writing things down.

some cultures are on the wrong side of this issue. it may seem that all cultures are now on the wrong side of history. apple uses solar power and hydrogen fuel cells to power all of itunes and icloud. don't you think that is on the right side of history? isn't a model that can be copied and emulated to allow a sustainable model in the computer age a good thing? and not just green washing.

otoh having 26 cars drive 500 miles as fast as they can and having solar power to run their radios and tv computers etc seems way more greenwashing than trying to be on the right side of history.

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by kesuki (#47513141) Attached to: Open-Source Blu-Ray Library Now Supports BD-J Java

"You don't think it is noteworthy or interesting that a free, open source library is able to play Blu-Ray?"

is able to execute bluray java, not play discs. the bluray libs will play Standard compliant, non encryted discs. eg: home movies. you still need a proprietary decrypter to get around bluray limitations. and if it has cinvia that is a second program to detect and erase cinvia with little loss to audio.

ip holders are rarely ip creators. and copyleft benefits from copyright law, which is where it gets messy. but that is another thing entirely.

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by kesuki (#47512833) Attached to: and who taught them everything they know?

some of those quotes are taken out of context, and was done so by the KKK. remind me again who burns crosses and drags black men to their death behind their pickup trucks?

the world is a complex place. people lie. the logic goes in a loop 'the laws of the jews says to lie to all christians' to 'white people rock, unless they're jews see the jews lie about not lying to christians never mind that we burn crosses, that isn't important to our hatred of jews'

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by kesuki (#47491919) Attached to: Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is

this sounds great on paper, but in the real world youtube content creators are subject to trolls, prudes, angry bigots, spam, false DMCA notices, people with a lack of humor, and market saturation. youtube starts as profitable but over time the benefits stop rolling in and some people completely go to a less public venue when ironically trying to reach out to new fans, simply because a less public venue will have fewer of these problems at first. online life is not that different from real life, but was often promoted as being different.

market saturation is like this, someone collects fans who watch their content, perhaps multiple times. this nets them money, but then people learn people are making money making youtube channels and then there are millions of channels then billions because of this the consumer of this content doesn't grow as fast as the channel production supply grows. so eventually everyone has a youtube channel and all the viewers wind up spending so long trying to see the best videos that they get sick of the time sink that it is and thus revenues drop.

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by kesuki (#47471923) Attached to: Amazon Is Testing a $10-Per-Month Ebook Service

drm is trivial because the fundamental concept of what a computer is is a device that reads memory processes that memory through an script or program and then dump the useful data to a memory device.

this means that any device dumps useful data somewhere. no encryption scheme is unbreakable and with digital is totally dependent on the end user not intentionally adding a mod chip to the device to read and capture the data in an unencrypted form from the own devices memory as it passes along the chain.

as a side note passwords are only as secure as the hosting computers own memory scheme, since at some point passwords themselves are in an unencrypted state, even if while transmitting across wires is not possible to decrypt in human lifetimes worth of brute force decryption. all it takes is one computer with legit access to memory to be modded to store that data elsewhere.

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by kesuki (#47471639) Attached to: LibreSSL PRNG Vulnerability Patched

1. Grandparent initializes SSL state, sends some data, then exits.

grandma uses aol.

2. Parent forks a child

mother marries has a kid

3. Child happens to get the same pid as the grandparent, and then uses the SSL connection.

child has same name as grandma uses aol gets into grandma's account.

it makes a whole lot of sense in the real world. the world where it doesn't make sense is an artificial environment where names aren't ever allowed to be reused.

okay so maybe names wasn't the best choice perhaps telephone numbers makes more sense than names, but again it is the telco who limits numbers and decides when to reuse the numbers and such, and as such they can put artificial worlds which don't make sense.

i mean really processes have randomly increasing pids until exhaustion then frees the use of pids in a certain block of pids or hangs and crashes violently. really we need to consider that 32-bit addressing isn't sufficient to a computer that can make 500 trillion operations per second. this is the main reason high end gpus use 256-bit addressing isn't it? so that it can't reuse in chip thread ids? with 2048 pipes with 256bit addressing and random pid growth on a chip that runs each core at 600 mhz i don't care to crunch the numbers as i don't fully realize how a gpu uses pids as i am not a graphics engineer, but man if a gpu executed a forkbomb that wasn't prevented due to obfuscation of code it could exhaust the pids and crash the whole damn computer.

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by kesuki (#47470841) Attached to: Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction

spending 3 hours lying in bed reliving the games and mistakes i made that cost us wins kept me up. it was not something i needed a pill to fix, at least i didn't need a 'sleeping' pill also i was using wired lan. wifi was pretty lame back then, now that you get 96 megabytes per second with low packet loss is pretty good, and oh i lived in private homes not apartment complexes either.

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by kesuki (#47445797) Attached to: Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction

I have gambled many times many ways and it is nowhere near as addictive as gaming is. i have played video games since i was 5 i think, i am currently 36. in my 31 years as a gaming addict there never was enough time to game... oh i learned a few other hobbies but gaming was always the excuse for someone to get me to read or do other acts besides the gaming. portable gaming just made the problem worse, and i started to have money -- to rent games. so i rented. my grades in school suffered because i always had to have that gaming fix. when i skimmed through school and finally got a job, i used that income to you guessed it game. i had 14 credit cards and an inability to hold down a job -- because it interfered with my gaming. had i hit rock bottom? nope i got a bankruptcy and eliminated all my debt all $35,000 of it and with nothing to show for it, because i lived off cash advances when i couldn't hold down jobs just to keep all the bills paid. and that wasn't rock bottom not yet. i had had problem in years past with starcraft, and broke, living with my parents i found the sequel to a game i had played years ago, the old game being warcraft II. warcraft III was way more addictive and when it's expansion came out i played it for a long time warcraft III The frozen throne is a game i literally played 8,000 ladder matched games plus countless thousands of non ladder games such as DOTA. this was rock bottom for me. i would play a good 14-16 hours a day into just one game i read this website and other while waiting for matches or when i felt the game was lost and stopped trying. i was having issues sleeping at night and i wasn't on any drugs not even caffeine since i had no funding to pay for it. i basically cracked and developed PTSD but it went unnoticed and i finally got help i needed, for other issues that were not related to the gaming but perhaps were increased by it. i had to quit games cold turkey as in hospitals it is very hard to game seriously because everything with a cord is prohibited and i only saw people using handheld games, like a hand held poker game, for example. nothing even as close to as addictive as the warcraft 3 game. tbh i even occasionally play games but i set pretty strict rules about when and how much i can game. fortunately i like to read and watch movies, and it no longer is 'instead of gaming' but rather because i don't dare game more than a few times a day (currently playing League of Legends a dota clone, which was spawned from warcraft to keep up micro skills of ladder players.) it is a free to play game, and is slightly easier to play than regular warcraft 3 tft. but even with all this addiction i never bought in game items (and there are plenty of them to buy) though i can see how people can be addicted to that like gambling. the adrenaline rush of playing a game is way more addictive than drugs or money, because there are ways to find cheaper fixes that are just as addictive. money is nice don't get me wrong, and yes chemicals can make you feel good but, dude an AAA video game is $60 a computer to play it starts around $400, for decent parts, my personal rig cost me $1100 in parts, including os cost, and it plays everything out there. how much heroin can $1,200 buy you? whereas between renting and internet research finding the game that addicts you most can take you down a long and windy road that only requires a little bit of electricity compared to drug costs to get the same effect.

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kosher roughly means blessed.
that is why there is a 'kosher' hot dog and 'kosher' pickles they are blessed by rabbi under judaic law. however jesus preached a few things about people who said they had to teach the laws to children when those laws were not written by god. at least thats my take on these matters...

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where we're going we need roadways! solar freakin roadways! and before you say 'can't be done' the people doing it are doing it in the snowbelt. if you haven't seen the video watch it! i know they funded already but i was skeptical until they said they had used it in the snowbelt.

APL hackers do it in the quad.