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Comment Is it really that complex?(prolly yes but still) (Score 1) 337

1. maybe law was inspired by google's testing car which did have a driver. If not, it still seams reasonable until driverless cars are considered mostly infallable
2. just a guess - why not make the driverless car owner responsible?
Plus given it's a driveless car something tells me law officers won't have to search for plate numbers anymore either.


Submission + - Safari on Windows--Just Say No (

mikemuch writes: "Apple says Safari is "the world's best browser," but here are 10 reasons why Safari is inferior to other browsers available on Windows. The article also includes checkups on Apple's claims of Safari's faster operation. It turns out that for most rendering tests, Safari is indeed quite a bit faster than IE, and especially Firefox, but there are other performance issues to consider."
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - GNU-Linux GPLv3 Software License Praised by SIFMA (

mlrtime writes: "On Tuesday, SIFMA (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association) commended the Free Software Foundation and the Software Freedom Law Center for their significant work in introducing Version 3 of the General Public License (GPL). The GPL is the software license governing the GNU-Linux operation system as well as other software that is widely utilized within the private and public sectors, including many SIFMA members. Financial service firms ranging from investment banks to commercial banks utilize the GNU-Linux operating system as a platform for trading systems, databases and market data systems. SIFMA believes that the objections of the free and open source software community can be achieved consistently and in collaboration with the needs of large end-users, including those in the financial services industries. Click here to view SIFMA's press release."

Submission + - Wikipedia Banned at College

Zatoichi007 writes: "The NYT is reporting that Wikipedia is now being banned as a source for research at Middlebury College. It seems that the last straw for the college occured when students in a Japanese history class wrongly asserted that the Jesuits aided in the Shambara Rebellion, using Wikipedia as the reference point. Is Wikipedia a valid source for "serious" research or just a starting point to find out what might be interesting about a particular topic?"

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