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User Journal

Journal: We aren't all fat. 1

Journal by speciesonly

You know, there are some people who are prejudice against geek and nerd girls.

We are not all fat, emo/goth, pimply gals....I am a mildly attractive girl who just HAPPENS to like comic books, video games and science. Just because I post that on my description does not mean guys should assume I am f-ugly.

I should not have to say "oh, btw I am also hawt!"

Comment: Re:How do I get a reasonable level of respect? (Score 1) 902

by speciesonly (#28278129) Attached to: How Do IT Guys Get Respect and Not Become BOFHs?

I always make sure I sleep with my IT guy upon completion of tasks. :)

That shows mad respect!

Seriously, I work for a Government agency, and our IT guy is so worn out and disenchanted with his job that he walks around looking like someone just sat on his puppy.

Much of the blame falls on the office people.

I made friends with my IT guy, and seeing us hanging out at lunch let others know he was not some geeky hermit who locked himself up like Quasimodo. Now he is one of my best friends (I get priority in the IT queue so BONUS).

It also helped to let him know that not everyone in the office knows about NCC-1701, Linux or if Greedo shot first. He needed to know his audience.


Microsoft's Bing Refuses Search Term "Sex" In India 355

Posted by timothy
from the back-to-spontaneous-generation dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Apparently Microsoft is censoring search results for Bing in India and other countries. If you try to search for the term 'sex,' along with lots of variations, from India using Microsoft's new search engine, an error message is returned that says, 'the search sex may return sexually explicit content. To get results, change your search terms.' There's no preference setting or toggle-on-or-off choice; you simply cannot search for the term 'sex' in India if you are using Bing. While a user still can change their country and try the non-Indian version of Bing, this seems like an unnecessary step and unnecessary censorship on the part of Microsoft. Apparently Google has no problem with Indians searching for the term 'sex.'"
PlayStation (Games)

Heavy Rain Gameplay Explained 56

Posted by Soulskill
from the stormy-weather dept.
David Cage, writer and director of Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, has released a lengthy video of an entire level from the game, along with detailed commentary about how the game works. He demonstrates how to operate the UI, showing how contextual menus let you control actions, dialog, and even your character's thoughts, while also showcasing how the game's investigatory system works and even a few fighting-related quick-time events. 1Up recently spoke with Cage about his time in the games industry, including his previous work on Indigo Prophecy. They also did a Heavy Rain preview of their own, and spoke briefly about post-launch plans. The game is due out next year for the PS3.
The Internet

Internet Tax Approved By Louisiana House 305

Posted by timothy
from the well-they-have-a-napoleonic-system dept.
Stinky Litter Box writes "WWL-TV in New Orleans reports that the Louisiana House voted 81-9 on Thursday to propose that a '15-cent monthly surcharge should be levied on Internet access across Louisiana to fight online criminal activity.' Can you say 'slippery slope?' The good news is that Gov. Jindal opposes such a tax. Full disclosure: I grew up in south Louisiana and worked for WWL-TV in the late '70s."

Anti-Piracy Dog Uncovers Huge Cache of Discs 283

Posted by samzenpus
from the follow-your-nose dept.
sgt scrub writes "I've never thought about sniffing my CDs before buying them but that is all about to change. According to this Yahoo! news article, dogs can be trained to tell the difference between a legit copy of a DVD and one from those pesky pirates. From the article, 'A DVD-sniffing anti-piracy dog named Paddy has uncovered a huge cache of 35,000 discs in Malaysian warehouses, many destined for export to Singapore, industry officials said on Wednesday. Paddy was given to Malaysia by the MPA to help close down piracy syndicates, which churn out vast quantities of illegal DVDs. The dog is specially trained to detect chemicals in the discs.'" We ran a story about anti-piracy dogs being trained in Ireland a few years ago.

Comment: Re:Wake up people. (Score 1) 188

by speciesonly (#28054739) Attached to: Plastic and Fuel That Grow On Trees

They felt that a continuous smell was somehow worse than the occasional fire.

I worked in a swamp forest and I can tell you, yes I have. It is a bit stinky.

You know, we burn because we have to though. Most fires BTW are caused by 1. stupid humans and 2. lightening.


Comment: Wake up people. (Score 2, Interesting) 188

by speciesonly (#28054367) Attached to: Plastic and Fuel That Grow On Trees

I know that here in Florida we have a few plants that we in Forestry researched called Titi and saw palmetto.

These plants grow fast in mass groves and were viable candidates for biofuel. Alas the biofuel plant was nixed.

Though it provided green jobs, an alternate fuel source, environmental karma and would aid us in the fight against overgrown ground fuel for wildfires the community voted against the smell the plant would cause.

The oil won't last forever so people need to wake up. Even though I burn trees down with Forestry I also hug them. :)

Comment: Re:Try having sex with your Fiance instead (Score 3, Funny) 424

by speciesonly (#28052141) Attached to: Using 1 Gaming Computer For 2 People?

I can tell you all that as a girl (check real quick...yeah okay, I am in fact a girl) I would prefer to have sex. I tried to play NWN with my programmer boyfriend only to realize that though we were in the same room together, on the same designated server.....I still needed an upload of something else.

Sex is a HUGE part of EVERYTHING! Girls do want it, trust me. Monogamy, though unnatural (I am a biologist), does not ruin sex. I try on a regular basis to get the goods from my geek, only to be ignored for the computer. When we are together, I know he is thinking about coding on that bitch in the computer room.

Gaming is nice, don't get me wrong. I love my emulator that lets me play FF7 whenever I feel nostalgic, but unplug for a bit and see if you can find someplace more fun to plug that dongle in ;) 3

Comment: Insects are sexy (Score 1) 243

by speciesonly (#21531603) Attached to: Scientists Create Zombie Cockroaches
This is yet one more way the roach is the most respected member of the insect community. Hate the little boogers, try to kill them, but no body can deny that they fascinate us to no end. Wasp evolution has amazed the entomological community for decades. In Florida we have a wasp that lays eggs in roach egg cases, the larva hatches, and eats the roach egg from the inside.

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