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Comment: Re:On a philosophical level its just bits (Score 1) 580

by spazzmo (#41295053) Attached to: Rick Falkvinge On Child Porn and Freedom Of the Press
The word you are looking for is paederast (or pederast). This is a person that has sex with children. The word paedophile (pedophile) means someone that loves children, just as an ailurophile is a cat-lover. IMHO paedophile is the most misused word in the english language.

Comment: Re:Hypocritical much? (Score 1) 236

by spazzmo (#40096061) Attached to: Kim Dotcom Demands Access To Seized Property To Defend Himself
...and are coming to resemble those corrupt fascist scumbags more every day. E.g: The treasonous selling out of our population to overseas corporations via the 3-strikes law. The cutting of taxes for the extremely wealthy, which apparently means we now have to cut social services, as we can no longer afford them after giving away those billions of tax dollars. Corrupt traitors, and that's both main parties. Shooting's too good for them.

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