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The Military

Submission Military uses DNA Barcodes to tackle counterfeit gear-> 1

spatterson writes: "Cutting corners with substandard or counterfeit electronics won't be as easy for suppliers whose parts end up with the U.S. military, as the Department of Defense turns to DNA “barcodes” to track" Looks like the Chinese will have to work a bit harder to sneak in fake gear
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Comment Re:All Chinese authors (Score -1, Offtopic) 115

Way off topic but I have to say... you have the dumbest signature I've ever seen "Friendly Reminder: Apple, Google, Nintendo and Valve are the for-profit corporations a Slashdotter is permitted to like." I guess we can't like RedHat? Or github? MongoHQ? Sourceforge? Geeknet? Need I go on?

Submission Vim 7.3 released

Ulfalizer writes: After two years of development since Vim 7.2, version 7.3 of the popular text editor has been released. New features include persistent undo across editing sessions, support for blowfish encryption, and new Lua and Python 3 interfaces.

Submission Vim 7.3 Released->

spatterson writes: Finally, after two years of hard work, this is a new release of Vim. It includes an awful lot of bug fixes and a few new features. It is better than ever before. New features include:

- Persistent undo and undo for reload
- Blowfish encryption, encryption of the swap file
- Conceal text
- Lua interface
- Python 3 interface

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