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US To Extinguish (Most) Incandescent Bulb Sales By 2012 1106

Posted by timothy
from the arrogance-of-power-switch dept.
Engadget has noted a report in the New York Times that that the US has "passed a law barring stores from selling incandescent light bulbs after 2012. 'Course, the EU and Australia have already decided to ditch the inefficient devices in the not-too-distant future, but a new energy bill signed into law this week throws the US into the aforementioned group. Better grab a pack of the current bulbs while you still can — soon you'll be holding a sliver of history."

Christian Group Prepares To Mark Wii as 'Porn Portal' 565

Posted by Zonk
from the overstating-things-a-bit dept.
Citing the Wii's ability to browse the internet via the Opera browser, a Christian group based out of California is planning on targeting the console with a smear campaign, Kotaku reports. The site has gotten ahold of a leaked press release from the upcoming 'Porn Talk' media event. From the release: "Like many new gaming technologies, the Wii's wireless internet capabilities make it a portal to porno. 'Parents think the computer is the only way for their kids to get porn on the internet. Unfortunately, they are dead wrong,' says Mike Foster, founder of 'Gaming devices like the Wii and the PSP aren't just for fun games anymore. You're able to surf the net, chat with friends, email, and view porn because of its internet access. Kids know this but parents don't!'"

Comment: Re:State of email (Score 1) 254

by sparrow_hawk (#17320834) Attached to: A look at Thunderbird 2.0 Beta
In the last few years the browser platform has matured and after a long period of it being awkful, I'm content with the current state of things. But I feel that email has not improved at all over the last ten years. The only major change has been the rise of spam - a step backwards.

There's a solution to this -- use the Web browser as an e-mail client. GMail fits every one of the points you list. I'm still not entirely happy with it (mostly because there's no reasonable way to do GPG), but I find that it generally fails to suck.

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.