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+ - Slashdot. How do you do software license auditing?

Submitted by spandex_panda
spandex_panda (1168381) writes "My company wants to do software license auditing as we have recently acquired a couple of small companies. We are a medium (small) business of 60+ people, across 7 sites. How do you do software license auditing?

What is the industry standard way of doing it, are there any great free/cheap products which will do it. Can/should an in-house team do it or should we outsource."

+ - The Pirate Bay has been sold

Submitted by spandex_panda
spandex_panda (1168381) writes "So as I read it, I am sure you are reading about it, the pirate bay has been sold.
I have confirmed it at the Pirate Bay blog, and apparently the folks taking over want to involve the media hegemony in order to monetise and at the same time legitamise the Pirate Bay. I, for one, am a bit worried about our new Pirate Bay corporate overlords... What do you think?"

+ - New media centre distro eAR OS

Submitted by spandex_panda
spandex_panda (1168381) writes "I read just now about a new media centre version of Ubuntu, actually it is an independent distro but seems to be including a new media center app which is GPL licensed. A developer has posted something here talking about a few things regarding it.

I think this is one of those things Ubuntu really needs, although I haven't tried it it looks great from the screen shots and the developer sounds very professional and organised. I personally don't like myth-tv as it is not quite 'shiny' enough! Something like eAROS could be the beginning of some more Linux migration as people move from windows based media centers to linux based ones."

+ - Phoenix Mars lander from Space 1

Submitted by
spandex_panda writes "This is cooler than it sounds! There are a few pictures of the thing on the ground, you can see its parachute and its heat shield a few kilometers away too. Theres a very cool looking picture of it floating down, actually captured while its in the air with its parachute out!"

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