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Comment: Re:Does Amazon pay Canonical for this? (Score 5, Informative) 529

by spacenet (#42236807) Attached to: Ubuntu Community Manager: RMS's Post Seems a Bit Childish To Me
All the search results open an Amazon webpage with Canonical's Amazon Affiliate Code, which adds a tracking cookie to your session and makes Canonical get back an undisclosed percentage of all your Amazon purchases, as long as that cookie stays there.
GNU is Not Unix

+ - Ubuntu Community Manager: RMS's post seems a bit childish to me->

Submitted by spacenet
spacenet (2555388) writes "As a response to RMS speaking out against Ubuntu about its privacy-violating integrated Amazon search results, which he considers to be spyware, Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon has responded to RMS's post. In his reply, Jono claims that Stallman's views on privacy do not align with Canonical's, that some of his statements are worded in order to "generate fear, uncertainty, and doubt about Ubuntu" and that "it just seems a bit childish to me".

The comments on the post itself are well worth a read."

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Comment: KMail (Score 1) 464

by spacenet (#42228281) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Current State of Linux Email Clients?
It works fine for me at least, though it loads a bit slow. Has all the features you describe except calendar integration, but you can get that by using Kontact (which gives access to both Kmail, calendar and contacts in the same interface). Integrates with KDE address book, syncs with Google contacts/Google Calendar, PGP+S/MIME encryption/signing, modern UI, import/export, Sieve rules editor, modern UI (threaded message list, though no Gmail-like threading).

+ - Team Fortress 2 Beta patch adds files refering to Linux support->

Submitted by spacenet
spacenet (2555388) writes "Valve has quietly released an update to the beta version of its popular online FPS Team Fortress 2. Among the modified files are some Linux-related files including a hardware driver compatibility list, optimal graphics settings, and a shell script launcher (previously only for OSX, now with a case for Linux as well). Valve has not updated their TF2 beta changelog, but has acknowledged the update in a forum post."
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Comment: Bandwidth caps (Score 5, Insightful) 186

by spacenet (#38921869) Attached to: Canada's Internet Among Best, Report Says
I beg to differ.

Typical entry-level plan in Canda:
Cost: 29.95 CAD/month (29.97 USD/month)
Speed: 3 Mbps down, 800 Kbps up.
Cap: 5 gigabytes per month combined download+upload cap.

Best available plan in Estonia:
Cost: 17,19 euros/month (22.60 USD/month)
Speed: From 16 to 64 Mbps down, 8 Mbps up.
Cap: None.

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