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Comment: Re:Unauthoriazed Copy (Score 1) 865

by sp67 (#29951638) Attached to: Apple Says Booting OS X Makes an Unauthorized Copy

Since every Mac is sold with a MacOS license, and you can only install a boxed copy of MacOS on a Mac, it follows that all boxed copies of MacOS are, in fact, only licenced for upgrades. We therefore don't know what would be the price of a full MacOS license, but as is the current industry practice, it should be greater than the upgrade price.

So in essence, Psystar is depriving Apple of the difference between the full and upgrade license prices.
And still, that says nothing of other damages related to their business model, but that's entirely another discussion.

Don't like Apple's business model? Don't give them your business; stop using their products altogether, it's not like they're a monopoly and you're forced to.

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