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Comment: Re:Linux and Virtualization on a Mac 18 years ago (Score 1) 461

by soupforare (#39146109) Attached to: Comparing Today's Computers To 1995's
I loved the *hardware* co-processing that was available. There were radius rocket boards that could operate as either a straight upgrade or you could run multiple OSes, on multiple cards, on the same machine. The IIe card was a fully expanded IIe on a board that could use II family disks and peripherals. I seem to recall both Apple branded and third party (OrangePC?) x86 SBCs to allow for running PC stuff too. Neat stuff.

Comment: Re:Oh how I wish for some smaller vehicles.. (Score 1) 891

by soupforare (#38621440) Attached to: Why Fuel Efficiency Advances Haven't Translated To Better Gas Mileage

This a hundred times. The old Hilux, Mitsubishis, Rangers, even the small Dakotas were great little trucks. Nobody bothers with small light trucks. :(
It's not just trucks though, look at the Civic. It's bigger than the Accord used to be! Doesn't get 50mpg on the highway anymore either.

Comment: Re:Rochester (Score 2) 352

by soupforare (#38281380) Attached to: The Rise and Fall of Kodak

they should have worked on a digital camera that outputs film style pictures.

Eh, it didn't work out well for Fujifilm. Granted their S-series models were anchored by their ridiculous xD memory format, but the later ones weren't and still didn't do well outside of, maybe, wedding photographers. Those things put out some of the nicest film-like images I've seen and the market didn't really care.

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