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Engadget: Trinity Audio shows off Linux based, self-contained DAW->

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Filed under: Portable Audio

We mentioned this workstation back in 2006 when it was only in prototype form, but the Trinity appears to be heading into production (see pic) with some minor changes in specs. The portable DAW sports an 8-inch LCD monitor and runs a custom build of Linux called Transmission, which is loaded with a handful of audio tracking and editing apps, as well as soft-synths, plugins, and sequencers, while control of the OS is handled by a touchpad and two buttons on either side of the screen. The system runs on a 500MHz CPU, with 256MB of RAM, a 20GB or 40GB hard drive, 802.11g, and it's all jammed into a fanless aluminum case (which definitely raises some temperature questions) that kind of looks like an elongated Korg KAOSS Pad. The box has two XLR / TRS jacks for input, and two more TRS jacks to get audio out, which doesn't provide a lot of options for multi-tracking (which appears to be its main use), and the provided USB port is only used for control of the built-in apps. There are still plenty of questions, not the least of which is why the "buy now" link on the company's website is broken, and Linux doesn't really have any presence in the recording world, but it's still an interesting development in portable audio.

[Via Pro Audio News and Reviews]

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