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Comment: #1 reason - Visual Studio (Score 1) 1880

by soundman32 (#38046616) Attached to: What's Keeping You On Windows?

I have to endure the horrible mess that is Eclipse when programming C++ under Linux at work.

Want to examine an STL object? Here look at the bits under the hood, but you can't see your data.
Want to lock up everything if you have a breakpoint set on a non-existent code line?

VS makes it soo much easier to view (and change) objects. Edit & continue is extremely useful. The next (free) version comes with static analysis tools.

I've recently had to modify a kernel driver for Linux. I ended up writing a framework and wrote and tested it under Windows because Linux doesn't give you any help debugging drivers unless you have a serial port (which the target doesn't).

Comment: It the American's fault (Score 1) 531

by soundman32 (#35827500) Attached to: The End of the "Age of Speed"

From the documentaries I watched on Discovery, the reason supersonic travel isn't here for the masses is because Boeing couldn't catch up with Concorde. Boeing persuaded Congress that overland supersonic flight broke windows and killed cattle so they banned flights over American soil. Other governments caved in as well. This effectively meant that the only route possible was over the Atlantic. Concorde2 would have carried more passengers further and more efficiently, but it was canned because there was no where to fly to.

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