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US May Disable All Car Phones, Says Trans. Secretary 1065

Posted by timothy
from the oh-gee-big-brother-that'd-be-swell dept.
gambit3 writes "The US government may require cars to include scrambling tech that would disable mobile-phone use by drivers, and perhaps passengers. 'I think it will be done,' US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said on Wednesday morning. 'I think the technology is there and I think you're going to see the technology become adaptable in automobiles to disable these cell phones.' LaHood is on a self-described 'rampage' against distracted driving, and if making it impossible to use a mobile phone while in a car can save lives, he's all for it."

Comment: Out of Date (Score 1) 1

by sound2man (#34263122) Attached to: Bill Clinton bans Twitter, Facebook, etc at speech
Given that live blogging has become the norm for most high profile events, it seems a bit odd that they would be banned a tech event with a high profile speaker. Normally live blogging is a great way to get free positive PR, after all, most people attend a conference because they are interested in the material being presented. It is almost as if he thinks that he is not qualified to speak to this audience...

+ - Bill Clinton bans Twitter, Facebook, etc at speech-> 1

Submitted by Dthief
Dthief writes:

Bill Clinton has called for a ban on the use of Twitter, Facebook updates and any live blogging during his keynote at the Dreamforce Cloud Computing conference in San Francisco next month.

Considering tweets coming during Obama's state of the union address is this an unfair request in the least. Shouldn't people be given respect when they give a talk, its not like a phone call would be socially acceptable.
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Comment: Identifying Circuits for Biometrics (Score 1) 95

by sound2man (#34262924) Attached to: New Imaging Method Reveals Brain Connections
Hopefully this will lead to further breakthroughs in biometric prosthesis. If they can map out where the nerves are and what their functions are more accurately, we may soon be able to interface with them more directly. Imagine a prosthetic arm that actually has feelings versus our current ones that only have motion. This could a a very good thing... or scary for those afraid of cybernetics.

Comment: Too Little Too Late (Score 1) 437

by sound2man (#34262818) Attached to: Anti-Smartphone Phone Launched For Technophobes
The Jitterbug was created for just such people a number of years ago. It is a great phone that is actually practical, ie, no integrated note book, and a flip design to prevent accidental dialing on a phone that does not have a soft key lock. It is far more practical and you can actually see what number you dialed before hitting talk. It is no more difficult to use than any of today's touch tone phones.

+ - Scientists create functional Maxwell's Demon-> 1

Submitted by maxwell demon
maxwell demon writes: For the first time, scientists have converted information into pure energy, experimentally verifying a thought experiment first proposed 150 years ago.

The idea was originally formulated by physicist James Clerk Maxwell, but it gained controversy because it appeared to violate the second law of thermodynamics. Put in experimental terms, this law states that when hot and cold water are mixed, they will eventually reach an equilibrium middling temperature.

Maxwell proposed that a hypothetical being (later dubbed Maxwell's demon) could separate the water into two compartments and reverse the process, isolating hot molecules from cold by letting only the hotter-than-average through a trap-door between the compartments.

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+ - UK seeks tie-up in space technology with India->

Submitted by tanujt
tanujt writes: David Willett, British minister for Universities and Sciences has called for a stronger partnership between Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and UK's space program. As of now, Willetts invited ISRO to partner the UK in its TechDemoSat program. TechDemoSat is an industry-led technology demonstration satellite which aims to provide a low-Earth-orbit test bed to help demonstrate the technical maturity and commercial viability of innovative new space technology. TK Alex, director of ISRO Satellite Centre, invited the UK to partner India in training space scientists through academic exchanges between the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing and leading UK universities. This follows US President Obama's recent visit to India, wherein he signaled ending the ban on high-end technology exports and removal of Indian organizations, including ISRO and Defense Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), from the Entity List.
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