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Journal: If Ray Charles played dice...

Journal by soullessbastard
he'd better avoid that rotating crap game hosted by Einstein, God, Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and the Devil. Definitely a bad time to enter...Sinatra is up by at least 10Gs. God's loan shark is calling him in and soon he'll have to put his bling Ark into hock.

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Journal: Compiling OOo yet again...

Journal by soullessbastard
Compiling OOo yet again. It's still valentine's day, there's a girl sleeping in my guest room, and I'm here compiling OOo listening to Korngold opera. And my ass is vehemently reminding me that I shouldn't have eaten the chorizo pizza with onions. This may be the source of my dilemma...I doubt it could be the choice of music...

Journal: Somtimes OS X bites me in the ass...

Journal by soullessbastard
Does it irk anyone else that sometimes OS X, if running out of disk space on the main drive when logging out/shutting down, nukes all your preferences? Usually it used to just blow away my dock prefs, but now its beginning to blow away registration information for apps as well!

Not very cool, esp. when one is trying to hit a deadline!

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Journal: Installing OpenBSD

Journal by soullessbastard
Man, spending memorial day weekend installing OpenBSD sucks hole. I wish to God the intaller wasn't sensitive to additional keystrokes after the download procedure for all the tgzs. Not good for a drunk. I've just had to restart like, oh, five times :( ed

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