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Comment: Re:Probably a tough choice to make. (Score 1) 200

by sosume (#46490551) Attached to: Mozilla Scraps Firefox For Windows 8, Citing Low Adoption of Metro

There is a larger market for Firefox in Windows Metro users than in Linux desktop users. Heck, the installed base of Windows 8 is larger than all Mac OS flavors combined. So why keep developing for these inferior audiences and ignore the big fish? This smells like anti-MS propaganda.

Comment: Woosh (Score 3, Insightful) 226

by sosume (#46337635) Attached to: Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws

Given the toll on our highways shown to arise from distracted drivers, is this responsible corporate behavior to protect their product, or an unethical endangering of lives?

I'm glad the this is a neutrally worded question. I've got a similar one. Given the massive breach of our childrens online privacy, do you think underages should be free to visit whatever smut they want on the internet, or is it better to have the ISP install filters for all our safety?

Comment: Re:first (Score 1) 325

by sosume (#46278597) Attached to: N. Korea Could Face Prosecution For 'Crimes Against Humanity'

Saudi's have it nowhere as bad as the North Koreans. Look up the Kaechon prison:

(wikipedia) ".. anyone found guilty of committing a crime, which could be as simple as trying to escape North Korea, would be sent to the camp along with that person's entire family. The subsequent two generations of family members would be born in the camp and must also live their entire lives and die there."

Now THAT is a brutal regime. And if you ask me, it's China's responsibility to step in before too many people have died.

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by sosume (#46278217) Attached to: Gabe Newell Responds: Yes, We're Looking For Cheaters Via DNS

I am a consumer. I have lots of rights or Steam wouldn't be allowed to take my money. I don't care about their terms when they are illegal. If they think they can take drastic measures they'd better be well prepared for consumer watchdog hell to be unleashed. Especially for a service which is rumored to bring in over a billion dollar in yearly revenue.

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