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Comment Re:Well, that was quick (Score 3, Interesting) 181

The VW cheating resulted in two positive outcomes for the public. First, buyers have to pay far less environmental tax. Second, since the engine runs much more efficient in normal mode, resulting in lower diesel consumption. So they did most of their customers a favor while pissing off the authorities.
I'd say having a bad crash safety record is a lot worse than that.

Comment Re:Self inflicted damage (Score 1) 241

The EU is tied second with Canada in that graph. By the way, it's not just productivity that counts, worker satisfaction and output quality are just as important. You can hardly claim that European products are shitty, they're just polished with a different mindset, and damn expensive.

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 207

I disagree with your maths. If the saving was 50/mo you'd break even in 6 months. The GTX 970 consumes 145 watt, the GTX 980 consumes 165 watt according to NVidia. In a total of 15 days of non stop full use, 360 hours, this translates to 52.2 kwh for the GTX 970 (USD 13.42, I pay usd 0.26/kwh) versus 59.4 kwh for the GTX 980 (USD 15.27). So the saving would be USD 1.85 per month, however if I'm not mistaken the GTX 980 is the better of the two so there is no 'saving' as such.

Comment Re:dump trump (Score 1) 686

You can get reasonably wealthy by working hard and dedicated, however it's far from guaranteed. The larger the company you work for, the smaller the chance you get more than your co-workers.
You can get filthy rich by taking huge risks and being extremely lucky, however it's far from guaranteed either.
That's just the way it has always worked.

Comment Re:More Bias. More experimental error. (Score 1) 518

Not just Western science. Every culture on earth has some taboo on examining human psychology and physiology because of sensitivities, especially in the areas of sex and race. However this is constrained solely to homo sapiens studies. But I love how you somehow extrapolate this to troll physics research. Is the watercooler on the third floor still broken, Sergey?

Comment Re:Narrowminded Fools (Score 1) 313

How and when were chemical weapons universally abandoned? After they were used in large quantities.
How and when were nuclear weapons regulated? After they were produced in large quantities.

Sure, many will have cried wolf before the turning point, but the past predicts what will eventually happen with AI and robot weapons. The problem is, this time the weapons display complex behaviour, making a rogue entity particularly hard to contain. We'd better prepare for such an event by developing anti-AI tech (such as EMPs) instead of holding back science out of fear for the unknown.

Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 1) 132

There may be less revenue from selling their own produced shows. But it works both ways, so instead of paying for foreign shows as they do now, they now get those for free. So there is no net loss. Lots of money will probably saved on the sales people, trade shows, beancounters and legal people, which can now be directed to producing TV.

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