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Comment: Re:Surprise? (Score 1) 579

by sosume (#47702081) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

Do you really expect Betty from accounting to move her screen to another user's system? Jeez, I've been working with computers since the ZX Spectrum, I've used every OS flavor there is but for my desktop machines I still greatly prefer Windows over anything else. Other OSes are either unfriendly, cumbersome or missing lots of features. Why do you feel such a need to push the horror of user-friendliness that is Linux upon regular users? It will save you a penny in the short run but will cost you a boatload of money in lost productivity.

Comment: Re:Cinavia? (Score 1) 112

by sosume (#47697653) Attached to: Xbox One Will Play Media from USB Devices, DLNA Servers

Why, it seems you are implying that the presence of a BluRay player would mandate the use of Cinavia in all local media content playback. I really doubt that, since that would mean they're not doing a very good job protecting their license terms. The xbone is just a pc, so If the average pc can do it, the xbone can too.
Besides, we're talking Microsoft here, not Sony. They will just fork a random recent Media Player branch, which will be hard enough to maintain without the Cinavia protection scheme present. They don't care whatever you watch as long as you buy their machine and an XBL subscription.

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by sosume (#47697319) Attached to: Xbox One Will Play Media from USB Devices, DLNA Servers

I wonder, given how Oracle abused its licensing position in Blu-Ray, if the next playback format will come with even stricter licenses. In whose interest is this exactly? (except Oracle's ofcourse) Time for consumer groups to lobby for banning such restricted products. You want to sell playback devices? Then they must be open.

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by sosume (#47694455) Attached to: Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

> There's enough bad history with westerners fucking around with Africa
You mean, like greatly extending the life expectancy of Africans and providing education regarding prevention and hygiene? Really, these Western people you speak of must be some wicked tribe! To be honest, sometimes I think that this has lead directly to the massive overpopulation we see nowadays. Should we have let Darwin in charge?

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Except, at a large tech company such as Google, there are systems and procedures in place to prevent such tampering. You would have to hack yourself through the whole logging chain, which is virtually impossible. As an occasional server admin you may be able to completely erase your tracks on a single system, but when you're dealing with large cloud systems, you're going to have a hard time. I doubt even Google itself could do it without a trace.

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by sosume (#47572951) Attached to: The Problems With Drug Testing

Where did I claim that homeless person are 'lower beings'? Please speak for your self and refrain from that dick-headed prejudice.
You have to look at it from a purely biological standpoint. Completely different living and sleeping habits, food intake, body temperature control, and continuous exposure to the outside all result in different metabolism from the general population. That alone will not produce correct results when testing drugs targeted to the general population. Besides, having test subjects who are hardened by living on the streets means, that you have no idea whether you can attribute any of the observed side effects to the drug being tested. e.g. is the subject scratching himself because the medicine makes him feel itchy, or is it a rash from bad hygiene and low vitamin intake?
Is that so difficult to understand?

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