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Comment Re:More Bias. More experimental error. (Score 1) 516

Not just Western science. Every culture on earth has some taboo on examining human psychology and physiology because of sensitivities, especially in the areas of sex and race. However this is constrained solely to homo sapiens studies. But I love how you somehow extrapolate this to troll physics research. Is the watercooler on the third floor still broken, Sergey?

Comment Re:Narrowminded Fools (Score 1) 311

How and when were chemical weapons universally abandoned? After they were used in large quantities.
How and when were nuclear weapons regulated? After they were produced in large quantities.

Sure, many will have cried wolf before the turning point, but the past predicts what will eventually happen with AI and robot weapons. The problem is, this time the weapons display complex behaviour, making a rogue entity particularly hard to contain. We'd better prepare for such an event by developing anti-AI tech (such as EMPs) instead of holding back science out of fear for the unknown.

Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 1) 132

There may be less revenue from selling their own produced shows. But it works both ways, so instead of paying for foreign shows as they do now, they now get those for free. So there is no net loss. Lots of money will probably saved on the sales people, trade shows, beancounters and legal people, which can now be directed to producing TV.

Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 1) 132

I'm really not interested in other European state broadcasts. They all bring the same boring politically correct leftish point of view. It's sponsorship of a particular media channel while all the other commercial channels have to fight for every penny. Exactly the kind of government interference for which countries such as Russia and Iran are blamed.

Maybe it's time to let go of state run channels like the BBC as a relic of the past and let the market decide what viewers want to see. However, barring geolicensing creates a new set of problems by itself. It would mean that licensing costs for movies, tv series and sports events would skyrocket as the potential target audience is multiplied, while the stations will more or less keep the same number of viewers.

Comment Re:abstracting electricity? (Score 1) 674

Which is totally opposite as it was half a century ago. At least, where I live. If you were too drunk to come home, you'd be taken by the cops to sleep it off and then you'd be able to go home without further consequences. Nowadays, if you drink too much you get arrested, it's added to your permanent record, a digital trail is created and you are labelled for life as an alcoholic.
On the other hand, real crime like robbery or burglary was a grave offence, meaning you'd be punished harshly and excommunicated from your family. These days they are handled as if they are victims of society, getting light sentences if caught at all (first offence a slap on the wrist, second offence some community service, and so on) and are usually out after a few hours. It will get ugly indeed.

Comment Re:Talk to a lawyer (Score 1) 99

Such contracts are simply not valid in most developed nations outside of the US. I could agree to give up my firstborn in a clickwrap agreement, however that doesn't make it legal. Nice try, though. OT: perhaps Google could blacklist apps for just the jurisdictions in which the trademarks are valid.

Comment Re:It's good (Score 2) 246

I don't think you understand the phrase "With respect to a business model".

Sony, IBM, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Google and many others

please point me to the source code of their *core product*.
Google search algorithms? Closed source.
Sony firmwares? Closed source.
IBM DB2, AIX, Lotus? Closed source. Closed source. Closed source.

The only people who swallow your bullshit are too lazy to check their facts.

So she says.

Comment My gaming rig (Score 1) 558

Intel Core i7 4790
Asus Maximus Ranger VII Mainboard
GeForce GTX 970
8 GB RAM (2x 4 GB DDR3-1600 CL9 9-9-24)
Intel 80 GB SSD
Samsung Evo 830 120 GB SSD
Samsung Evo 850 1 TB SSD
Seagate ST 2000 2 TB SATA
Alfa AC1200 wifi
Hitachi HL-DR-ST BluRay dvdrw
LG 29UM55-P - 29" Ultra Wide IPS Scherm
BenQ G2420HD 24"

Comment Re:there's a strange bias on slashdot (Score 2) 192

Perhaps, if the companies were to pay their fair amount of tax, the EU wouldn't be chasing them for their money. instead these tech companies choose to employ the most drastic of measures to prevent paying up. I'm not surprised the EU takes drastic measures as well to recover these losses.

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