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Submission + - Nature: global temeratures are a falling trend-> 3 3

sosume writes: An article in Nature shows that the temperature in the roman times were actually higher than current temperatures. A team lead by dr Esper of the University of Mainz has researched tree rings and concluded that over the past 2,000 years, the forcing is up to four times as large as the 1.6Wm2 net anthropogenic forcing since 1750 using evidence based on maximum latewood density data from northern Scandinavia, indicating that this cooling trend was stronger (0.31C per 1,000years, ±0.03C) than previously reported, and demonstrate that this signature is missing in published tree-ring proxy records. This is a big setback for global warming scientists.
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Submission + - Apple getting ready to reveal 'revolutionary new device'->

sosume writes: French media are reporting that famous designer Philippe Stark claims to be working on a revolutionary new device, to be unveiled by Apple in about 8 months. Presumably, this will be the biggest product launch since the iPhone. Could this be the fabled Apple TV?
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Submission + - NSA confirms alien communication->

sosume writes: The NSA ha released papers confirming alien communications and attempts to decipher them. Interesting read at, full paper at
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