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Comment Re:We Suck (Score 2) 77

When you build this on your own, there is no need to explain every step in the way to someone else, give regular demos, document, and process input and reviews from many sources. Besides, everyone involved needs to get paid, and they work only 40 hours a week max where this kid can pull 100 hours a week for free if he's dedicated. 500k may even be cheap for a one off.

Comment Re:Well, that was quick (Score 3, Interesting) 181

The VW cheating resulted in two positive outcomes for the public. First, buyers have to pay far less environmental tax. Second, since the engine runs much more efficient in normal mode, resulting in lower diesel consumption. So they did most of their customers a favor while pissing off the authorities.
I'd say having a bad crash safety record is a lot worse than that.

Comment Re:waiting for the ddos (Score 2) 527

So you're claiming that telemetry data for hundreds of millions of users, made by the largest software company, who owns the second largest computing cloud, has just two hosts assigned for collecting that data. That is totally credible.

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 207

I disagree with your maths. If the saving was 50/mo you'd break even in 6 months. The GTX 970 consumes 145 watt, the GTX 980 consumes 165 watt according to NVidia. In a total of 15 days of non stop full use, 360 hours, this translates to 52.2 kwh for the GTX 970 (USD 13.42, I pay usd 0.26/kwh) versus 59.4 kwh for the GTX 980 (USD 15.27). So the saving would be USD 1.85 per month, however if I'm not mistaken the GTX 980 is the better of the two so there is no 'saving' as such.

Comment Re:dump trump (Score 1) 686

You can get reasonably wealthy by working hard and dedicated, however it's far from guaranteed. The larger the company you work for, the smaller the chance you get more than your co-workers.
You can get filthy rich by taking huge risks and being extremely lucky, however it's far from guaranteed either.
That's just the way it has always worked.

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