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Comment: Re:Wrong conclusion (Score 1) 435

by soppsa (#33189866) Attached to: The 'Net Generation' Isn't
What the hell is with all these kids thinking people should get off their lawn. Shit I think anyone who doesn't remember the BBS era, and the proper days of file sharing on your local boards and black boxing to foreign boards.... ah forget it. Seriously? You are 26. Sorry the 4chan/facebook/torrent generation scares you, but you 28.8k kids scare ME.

Comment: Re:They're afraid of ZFS (Score 1) 231

by soppsa (#32866734) Attached to: NetApp Threatens Sellers of Appliances Running ZFS

There is no magic that NetApp adds that would make it any faster or slower than a comparable system using ZFS.

Not true at all. Netapp uses commodity drives running their own weird (magic) firmware. The netapp appliance is aware of where the drives are rotationally at any given point and are able to stage/queue their writes/reads in this way for optimum performance. That is why no Netapp killer has come up in the more than a decade Netapp has been in this game. Don't work for Netapp, don't even own one right now, but they are *wonderful* if you can afford it.

Comment: Re:"Older and experienced" (Score 1) 775

by soppsa (#32835288) Attached to: Microsoft Out of Favor With Young, Hip Developers
I really honestly believe that despite your prattle to the slashdot community, for a MILLION DOLLARS a year you would code whatever language was asked of you. If not you are a fool. (And before someone starts in on not everyone is motivated by money blah blah, donate the million dollars minus 100k to charity and heal the world!)

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