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Wireless Networking

Submission + - ATT Service Down in Reston, VA for a Week (carlhutzler.com)

sonnejw0 writes: Seems all of AT&T's wireless services have been down in the town of Reston, VA for at least a week now, and AT&T does not seem to be fixing the problem. No data, no phone calls, no voice or texts. And of course, no 3G ... although the town is usually fully covered. Phones even show full bars but the signal crashes out whenever someone tries to use it.

"Then I noticed that the bars would drop to zero and come back with the E (edge) symbol. Then it would go to NO SERVICE. And then a minute later back to 3G but still no ability to use the phone. Nothing including turning off the phone would help.

On Tuesday I was at the town center and again having issues so I went to the Apple Store to test one of their phones in the store. Before I could even get to a phone, the Apple Store Greeter guy asked if I needed any help. I explained the issue and he immediately said they were aware of the issue with AT&T. No one in the Apple Store could use the network or was able to make calls at that location! Wow. Bad."

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