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Comment: Re:The "Blowout" (Score 1) 70

by sonicmerlin (#41229345) Attached to: Business Tier For Australia's NBN Brings Big Possibilities For VoIP

Uh no, the government's total contribution is $27 billion peak debt, which will be paid off with revenue and profit. Moving Optus customers over also has no impact on who the NBN is supposed to reach. Most of Optus customers are in cities that were of course included in the fiber footprint from the start.

Comment: Re:So they going to fine Apple too? (Score 1) 299

by sonicmerlin (#40680881) Attached to: EU Investigating Microsoft Over IE Bundling Again

Actually they're not even just reskins. Apple has a private API call that they use with Safari to make it ultra smooth when browsing. Even though it wasn't documented, a lot of alternative browsers were using that API call to make their browsers as smooth as Safari. Around May of 2011 Apple threatened those competitors with delisting from the Apple store if they didn't stop using that API, so everyone disabled those calls in their browsers. Now nearly every non-Safari browser experiences hiccups and becomes increasingly choppy with graphically heavy pages.

Compare iCab 4.6 for example (the last version before Apple's threats), to the latest one. From silky smooth with virtually no hiccups to chopcity.

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by sonicmerlin (#39834067) Attached to: RIM's Future Hangs On Developer Support For 'New BlackBerry'

Because Android is a laggy, buggy piece of trash that has horrible standby battery drain. Android is antiquated, a pre-iOS junkheap that should have been thrown away the moment iOS was first revealed. MSFT threw away Windows Mobile to develop WP7/8, Palm threw away Palm OS for webOS, RIM the old BB OS for the new QNX OS, and Nokia originally was transitioning away from Symbian for MeeGo. Google is the only one who decided to just rip off Apple as fast as possible by slapping on a touchscreen layer onto their outdated OS, and flip-flopped on Network Neutrality to sign a deal with Verizon to push the Droid brand.

That's why Android lags, and it's also got horrible battery life.

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