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Comment: Child Gender (Score 1, Interesting) 199

I've always wondered... when one thinks of child porn they imagine ugly, balding guys taking advantage of little girls. Do these people ever make stuff like older women taking advantage of younger boys? You'd think there would be some interest in that sort of thing among those kinds of people.

For the record I have no interesting in "researching" this and landing in jail for it, hence the question.

Comment: Re:Who did the study? (Score 1) 340

by sonicmerlin (#49154801) Attached to: We Stopped At Two Nuclear Bombs; We Can Stop At Two Degrees.

Literally every nuclear plant in construction throughout the entire world is way overbudget, even the ones in China. They also take decades to complete a buildout, which no private bank is willing to fund. So they're entirely reliant on government funding. Which itself may not be a bad thing, but the final cost of building and then later decommissioning the plant (which is also extremely expensive and difficult) is just way too high.

Some people have a great ambition: to build something that will last, at least until they've finished building it.