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Comment Reminds me of the good old days (Score 1) 405 405

Besides vi and Emacs, who else remembers Wordperfect, Wordstar, etc. The good old days when you do everything with a keyboard, and keyboard commands. There's a menu bar that you can call up and out comes the menus. You can also memorise the good ol' keyboard commands, and save loads of time. And of course, you don't waste time rendering the page nicely. That happens when you print out. :)

Well, those days are gone... and this "new" interface is nostalgically reminding me of those days. IMO, it's a fantastic idea!


Journal Journal: Speak Freely Dies

The VoIP program Speak Freely will end its active life on Jan 15. There is a Q&A which laments the state of the Internet, as well, as a lack of active developers. Is this how open source development and the Internet will develop in future? Will more and more good programs go this way because of lack of support from users and developers, as well, as fall prey to the legislative pressu

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