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Comment Re:Existing Law (Score 1) 312

Of course, this guy may have done all this in the middle of his private ranch of many square miles where he lives alone and nothing can go wrong. But walk down this slope with me for a minute , will you...

Is it legal to climb your roof, and point a loaded handgun at your neighbour's head? As he walks on his lawn? Then wave your gun around, loose a shot into your own porch, wave it around some more, then point it at his head? Rinse and repeat?

If its legal, that's where we're headed. "But its a drone!" does not make it any better.

Comment reminds me of another Microsoft product... (Score 1) 628

The XBox one. And its mandatory 'must call home everyday' procedures they had planned. At one point, Microsoft was even willing to forgo some military sales (XBox in entertainment rooms on US Navy battleships cannot 'call home everyday'). Thankfully, they nixed that. Hopefully they'll have a setting in Windows registry or something to turn this off. Even Update-Nazi apps like Google Chrome offer this (at least in Chromium).

Comment Ask (Score 1) 318


If employers are reluctant, ask for a trial -- say, commute everyday for the first two month (settle in, build relationships). Then the trial - work from home a day a week for two months. Then, the employer considers changing your home/office mixture.

Please remember -- more productivity at home is often at the expense of less productivity of your colleagues at the office. Simply because its easier to walk up and interrupt them in person. Acknowledging this fact will go a long smooth toward smoothing over potential jealously (your colleagues), and potential heartburn (your's - if your request was declined).

If still no, and the job's a keeper, try moving closer to work.

Comment Operating Systems in future (Score 1) 383

Will work that OS's do change much in future you think?

Will their core work still be interfacing filesystems, networking, processes and accounts to the underlying tin?

Will some UI-type tasks typically carried out by applications shift the OS? (UI: voice/video/gaze/gesture recognition... user information management: social feeds, messages... environment management: ... malware detection) Will there be real-time requirements?

Comment Computing conceit - not an 'education thing' (Score 3, Insightful) 89

Its is a peculiar computer science conceit - that people, with their biases and foibles, can be replaced by sufficiently sophisticated computing resources.

The conceit shows up everywhere - from users with 'system says no' responses, to Google's algorithmic approach to everything, to OLPC talking of heli-dropping laptops into remote villages, to apps for everything: no matter how unimportant.

Unfortunately, instead of augmenting humans tech tries to supplant them

Comment Allstate ... Again? (Score 1) 54

Didn't Allstate show up yesterday with a silly patent?

First an overly broad patent (wait until a toilet seat manufacturer patents 'diagnosing- while-enthroned'). Now this.

Thought I don't think there's anything wrong with using a drone for this, as long as inhabitants (i.e. owners and renters) of a covered property have a choice in the matter. But its likely someone in Allstate is already dreams of a fleet of cheap unmanned drones in every Allstate building, sent off on frequent 'combat missions' to increase premiums and reduce claims.

Looks like someone's funded Allstate's Technology department a bit too well.

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