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Comment Re:What makes someone a Troll? (Score 1) 150

Look at the industries without IP like restaurants and fashion.

Not really comparable. Restaurants have limited capacity and automation, so McDonald's cannot be 10 times cheaper than Papa Joe's Fries, so no winner-takes-it-all problem there. Fashion-aware people don't want to be seen in the same clothes as everybody else. In IT you do want to use whatever everybody else uses, it makes your life easier.

Comment Re:If your boss was just as understanding for (Score 1) 418

Just the breeders. Because it will be the breeder's children treating your cancer and changing your diapers once you get old, your turtle won't do that. Even your money will only do that if there will be the breeder's children around to work for that money.

Of course, the cost of the leave is more fairly distributed if paid by the state from taxes, rather than by the company directly.

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