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Comment: Re:Just don't rent a bike. (Score 1) 41

To get around the city they are superb! You can combine it with other modes of transportation (e.g., a thunderstorm comes, just return it and catch a bus). Adjust? Release the saddle quick-release, move saddle, close the quick-release, ride.

Yes, they suck in terms of riding for enjoyment/sport/speed. I have my own bikes for that.

Comment: Re:Better be an open system (Score 1) 311

by someoneOtherThanMe (#43870249) Attached to: Tesla To Blanket US With Superchargers In Two Years
I would guess some communication goes on before the charging starts. So Tesla can license this to Nissan, who may then also have to pay Tesla for each charge (depending on their contract). Nissan can demand Leaf owners to pay for each charge (using some other channel, most probably on-line). You don't pay, your Leaf doesn't charge.

Comment: Re:A solution to a problem that doesn't exist (Score 1) 233

by someoneOtherThanMe (#43650961) Attached to: New Flying Car Design Unveiled
<quote><p>they take too much space per passenger (at rush hour, on average, 1.02)</p></quote>
1.02 may be the number of people per car. The number of passengers per car is even lower. When I drove my wife to the airport and then returned home, the average was 0.5 passengers (plus 1.0 drivers which don't actually want to go anywhere).

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