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Comment: Re:Charging time still issue (Score 1) 124

by someoneOtherThanMe (#48752777) Attached to: Toyota Opens Patents On Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The electric could charge for a 50 mile range, the hydrogen could kick in for extended trips.

In this case, quite a small part of driving will be on hydrogen. So it doesn't really make that much sense to go hydrogen, fuel cells etc when you can just add a small gasoline-powered generator, like the BMW i3 range extender. 20 kW would be more than enough, even 10 kW would be acceptable (enough to sustain an average speed ~100 km/h, the battery will buffer accellerations and uphills).

Comment: Re:For Starters... (Score 1) 88

Tech = people. Assuming the acquirer wants to use and develop the tech, they will need people to do it, and who's better for it than those that have developed it? Of course, if the acquirer just wants to shut it down they may fire everybody, but in that case they may do so even without the acquisition.

Comment: Re:Raise the Price (Score 1) 462

by someoneOtherThanMe (#47106659) Attached to: Fiat Chrysler CEO: Please Don't Buy Our Electric Car
My small diesel car was serviced twice for regular maintenance so far. 600 € in total, many are cheaper. About half of that is engine and transmission, the rest is various stuff that they will surely prescribe for EVs as well, if you want to keep the waranty. Plus, the EVs will probably require the "surcharge for working on shiny, expensive new stuff, whose owner must be full of money".

The only failure so far was a rear brake seizing and overheating, which can happen to EVs just as well.

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