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Comment: Re:die by taser or gas? (Score 1) 146

Yay, thanks for explaining for me. This is exactly what i meant. When there are 500 people held by a largeish number of hostage takers, it is not normal crime but terrorism. Sharpshooters or negotiations won't help. Obviously, i didn't meant to gas a bank building during a botched bankrobbery, but meant obvious terrorist acts, like the russian case.
In such cases, saving 400 out of 500 is actually a victory.

Comment: Re:what ? (Score 2) 74

From the article:

"Kovtyukhova tried leaving out various agents and found that the oxidizing agent wasn't necessary for the reaction to take place." when using her mixture of acids (without the oxidizing agent) on boron nitride (a compound with a structure similar to graphite).

Then she balked at trying the same mixture on graphite based on "the extensive literature saying that the oxidizing agent was required". Why? Why she tried to remove that frigging agent in the first place then?

I mean: She knew that her technique without the oxidizing agent works on a material similar to graphite. She knew that the oxidizing agent is bad for graphite. Then why insisting on it???

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Scientists don't know what will happen to a dolphin getting in the way?
Well, either they explode, or just get their brain squashed. It could be they just become permanently deaf or just scared shitless and swim to the shore to die there.
Either case: they die, who cares which way?

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