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Comment Re: Let them have their nukes (Score 1) 134

Lack of critical thinking and lack of information are two different things. I'm not a in favor of Republicans and I'm not in the position to vote any of them. I do read a lot of things, and yeah, i didn't read enough about Obama. Or read the wrong things. We are not too different, though :)

Comment Re: Let them have their nukes (Score -1) 134

You are an ignorant dimwit. In the USA there is no state-sponsored sharia law (we don't even have a modern word for this kind of barbaric activity, the most close was the Inquisition). The US president himself is a moderate muslim. Iran and many of the islamic countries are back in time by 500 years, or more. This wouldn't be a problem, but technology has advanced. Nuclear weapon in a theocracy equals total extinction.
They wouldn't have any qualms or second thoughts about using it first.

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