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Submission + - wireshark as a web app (

An anonymous reader writes: Saw this on hacker news, and thought slashdot folks would appreciate it. Cloudshark is like a web version of wireshark. Deep linked to the interesting bits. Is it becoming increasingly common to see low level/userland application data being presented realtime with html5 interfaces?

Submission + - GPU Simulations Curing Cancer (

An anonymous reader writes: A detailed simulation using Nvidia graphics processing unit or GPU, has uncovered a new protein folding techniques that could lead to a cure for cancer. Using GPUs to simulate physical processes is not new, but if drugs can be found to block this newly discovered protein folding method uncovered in this cell-level simulation, then a cure for all kinds of cancer could be the result. No time line is given on how long it might take, but at least a general method for curing cancer may be in the works.

Submission + - Gecko-Inspired Super-Adhesive Can Stick a TV to the Wall (

Zothecula writes: Everyone knows geckos have extraordinary powers of adhesion, able to clamber up vertical windows with remarkable ease. With the "Geckskin," a team of scientists have replicated the effect to produce a flat, index-card sized piece of material capable of carrying a 700-pound (318-kg) load — easily enough for a flatscreen television. It can be removed with ease and leaves no unpleasant oomska. And interestingly, it doesn't work as you might think.

Submission + - Why Microsoft Developers Need a Style Guide ( 2

snydeq writes: "What your interface communicates to users can be just as important as what your software does, writes Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister in discussing the latest edition of the 'Microsoft Manual of Style,' a style guide aimed at designers and developers who create Microsoft software, as well as those who write about it. 'The gist of much of Microsoft's advice is that a user's relationship with computer software is a unique one, and it's important to craft the language of software UIs accordingly,' McAllister writes. 'Occasionally, Microsoft's recommendations verge on the absurd. For example, you might not think it necessary to admonish developers to "not use slang that may be considered profane or derogatory, such as 'pimp' or 'bitch,'" but apparently it is.'"

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