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Okay, I'll grant you, science has gotten it wrong many times...however, you will note that we have newer, more accurate theories supplanting old ones when the evidence does not square with the theory. This is healthy and good, it is growth. The thing to take away from this is that science discarded those incorrect theories when we found that evidence did not support them. That is the reason why science has progressed. Denying new information that conflicts with pre-established worldviews on the other hand is stagnation, no growth is possible without change.

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Yep, and for roughly the same reasons. An ignorant populace is far easier to manage and control from the top. Look at North Korea for a live example of this. With no external facts or even a method to determine if a particular "fact" is grounded in reality, you can insert whatever you like and ignorant people will swallow it wholesale simply because they literally do not know any better. (an aside, the latin root for the word science was scientia, knowledge, very telling in this context)

TL;DR - Orwell said it best, control the present and you control the past; control the past and you control the future. The most effective way to do that is through control of information

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Files generally are not encrypted on a one-off basis, instead they are saved within an encrypted "container". This encrypted contain could contain other arbitrary files and will likely use a unique seed value to start encryption, both of which will ensure that you will not be able to find a reproducible file hash for bad images. What you are describing is basically a known-ciphertext attack and is well understood within encryption.


A Brain Implant For Synthetic Memory 87

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the_newsbeagle (2532562) writes "People who have experienced traumatic brain injuries sometimes lose the ability to form new memories or recall old ones. Since many veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan suffered TBIs, the U.S. military is funding research on an implantable device that could do the job of damaged brain cells." Lofty goals: "To start, DARPA will support the development of multi-scale computational models with high spatial and temporal resolution that describe how neurons code declarative memories — those well-defined parcels of knowledge that can be consciously recalled and described in words, such as events, times, and places. Researchers will also explore new methods for analysis and decoding of neural signals to understand how targeted stimulation might be applied to help the brain reestablish an ability to encode new memories following brain injury. ... Building on this foundational work, researchers will attempt to integrate the computational models ... into new, implantable, closed-loop systems able to deliver targeted neural stimulation that may ultimately help restore memory function."

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null hypothesis --> there is no god or he/she/it/they do not interact with the observable universe in any meaningfully detectable way.
your hypothesis --> there is a god and he/she/it/they do interact with the observable universe in a repeatable detectable manner.

The null hypothesis is the default in science. Proving something is not due to random chance is how science works. That's why we have confidence limits, these limits may be very small but there is still always the chance that it the null hypothesis is correct. This caveat, that a scientific theory must always be falsifiable, is the core of the scientific method; the thought that whatever phenomena we are measuring could still be due to blind luck is why science works as well as it does because it means that we only accept something only after rigorous testing.

Also, as an aside, saying that life evolved from simpler organisms into more complex forms as opposed to fully formed ex nihilo does not automatically preclude the existence of a god. Deism is perfectly compatible with evolution for example.

Doubt isn't the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith. - Paul Tillich, German theologian and historian