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Comment: Re:Rumers..demise..exaggerated. (Score 1) 289

by someSnarkyBastard (#46063273) Attached to: Microsoft Reports Record Revenue

You have no idea what Microsoft's culture is like do you? Half of Microsoft's problems are related to it's culture, stack ranking (bottom 20% of workforce gets the boot) destroys morale and actively encourages sabotage and office politics ("I'm sure as hell not gonna be the poor SOB on the bottom of the stack, I'll arrange for Bob's project to go to custard and then HE'LL be the poor SOB on the bottom and out the door!")

Not to say Sony is any better, they are Evil incarnate, but your rosy view of Microsoft's culture, especially considering how infamously corrosive it is, makes me think you are a fanboi.

Comment: Re:And they wonder why... (Score 4, Insightful) 562

by someSnarkyBastard (#45597867) Attached to: Anonymous Member Sentenced For Joining DDoS Attack For One Minute

...create civil disobedience and not get caught.

Then you are missing the point of civil disobedience. You are supposed to get caught, especially in places like the US where LEOs like to have a bit of theatricality in perp-walking someone out to the squad car. You want all the attention you can get, that's the point, you are calling attention to something you believe to be wrong.

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by someSnarkyBastard (#45235685) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can Bruce Schneier Be Trusted?

OK lets say that in context your advice is sound and I now thoroughly understand the math behind modern crypto systems. How am I going to be sure the math is correctly implemented? Are you advocating that in addition to having a deep understanding of some fairly esoteric maths I now need to be an expert enough coder to judge the Underhanded C Contest as well? Because that is what you are asking and for 95% of folks on the net or event people here on /. that is asking the impossible.

Comment: Re:As someone who runs an IT company (Score 1) 655

Bonus points for creating an expert system to play back various prerecorded messages as the sap on the phones works through a generic T-Tree until they have exhausted all options but to actually bug you. Double-plus bonus points if the expert phone system was designed by the BOFH.


NVIDIA's G-Sync Is VSync Designed For LCDs (not CRTs) 139

Posted by Soulskill
from the g-is-the-new-v dept.
Phopojijo writes "A monitor redraws itself top to bottom because of how the electron guns in CRT monitors used to operate. VSync was created to align the completed frames, computed by a videocard, to the start of each monitor draw; without it, midway through a monitor's draw process, a break (horizontal tear) would be visible on screen between the two time-slices of animation. Pixels on LCD monitors do not need to wait for above lines of pixels to be drawn, but they do. G-Sync is a technology from NVIDIA to make monitor refresh rates variable. The monitor will time its draws to whenever the GPU is finished rendering. A scene which requires 40ms to draw will have a smooth 'framerate' of 25FPS instead of trying to fit in some fraction of 60 FPS." NVIDIA also announced support for three 4k displays at the same time. That resolution would be 11520×2160.

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