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Comment: Whence the trend? (Score 5, Informative) 572

by some old guy (#48615765) Attached to: Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates

Disclaimer: I've been an industrial automation engineer since the PLC-2 and System 1 were king. I'm still at it, killing jobs wherever possible. Not out of malice, nor with any joy in that, but just doing my job.

TFA may be authored by a fuzzy-headed economist, but the core concept is undeniable. Humankind faces a surplus of employable bodies, and a deficit of employer positions, in the industrialized world. This trend can be compared to the situations in a lot of 3rd World countries. The industrialized nations, once fully built-out with AI and AA (Advanced Automation) will become 3rd world societies too. We're getting close to the tipping point already. There are only so many burgers to be flipped, and consumers with enough money to buy them.

Nature used to auto-correct overpopulation problems, with food supply vs. demand being the major engine. Is that what we're going to see when the whole world becomes third world? All the attendant unrest and upheaval will not be pretty.

My own solution: Enable and reward birth control wherever possible. Not as efficient as famine or genocide, but much less nasty.

Comment: Legal Opinion, Please? (Score 4, Insightful) 683

by some old guy (#48548397) Attached to: French Publishers Prepare Lawsuit Against Adblock Plus

IANAL, so I'd like a tort guru to enlighten us on exactly how creation and distribution of a product (AdBlock) that that gives consumers an informed choice over another product (advertising bullshit) is an actionable case. It sounds like a water utility company suing faucet makers for making a device that restricts flow of billable water, or the electric company suing light switch manufacturers.

Comment: New$ Media Coverage (Score 2) 398

by some old guy (#48546879) Attached to: Displaced IT Workers Being Silenced

I haven't a shred out doubt that these people are being hushed up, by whatever means necessary.

What I do doubt is the significance of the effect on mass media coverage. Other factors are in play.

Corporate media disdains adverse coverage of the H1B scandal because it is portrayed as "racist" against third-world emigres, and also because hey, business is business, right? (wink, wink).

Comment: Dear Leader (Score 1) 216

I'm no lover of Sony (even though I do play EQ2), but if this B-grade flick is so annoying to the Dear Butterball, the widest possible distribution of the film certainly seems worthwhile. Like Spengler said about the Nazis, "When one has the opportunity to annoy these people, one should do so."

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