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Comment: Re:Military defines "edge" differently than we do (Score 1) 112

by some old guy (#48456725) Attached to: How the Pentagon's Robots Would Automate War

And yet the Nazis were decisively defeated by sheer numbers of lower-tech weapons.

A thousand Huns could easily defeat a century of Roman triarii. A thousand Sioux braves could defeat a regiment of dragoons. History abounds with examples of "more" defeating "better". Quality is by no means a guarantor od success over quantity.

Comment: No Substantial Change At All (Score 1) 401

by some old guy (#48300069) Attached to: US Midterm Elections Discussion

Nothing of substance is at issue in this election. Petty bickering about social issues for public consumption will continue unabated as both parties continue their usual pandering to Wall Street. The only bills that will make it to the president and be signed will be those that exclusively benefit the ruling class.

Comment: Too Easy (Score 3, Interesting) 239

by some old guy (#48195779) Attached to: Facebook To DEA: Stop Using Phony Profiles To Nab Criminals

I hate the DEA and the rest of the TLA's as much as the next guy, but unfortunately the intertwining of defense and law enforcement via "narco-terrorism" pretty much leaves Facebook and every other social network shit out of luck.

One little NSL to Facebook to the effect of "We're doing a terrorism investigation, we need fake/impersonated accounts, and you will stfu about it" and it's game over.

Comment: The Battle Rifle (Score 1) 334

by some old guy (#48185119) Attached to: No More Lee-Enfield: Canada's Rangers To Get a Tech Upgrade

I own a .303 No.1 Mk.III Enfield. Fabulous weapon. I collect and shoot classic infantry rifles, incl. '06 Springfield, G98 Mauser, Mosin-Nagant, etc.

I agree with a comment regarding WW1-era weapons: The Germans brought a target rifle (the G98), the Americans brought a sporting rifle (the '06 Springfield) but the British brought a battle rifle (the .303 Enfield). In the hands of a skilled shooter, the fastest-action bolt gun. Ever.

And no, your crappy little plastic .22 AR is not a battle rifle. Unreliable, under-powered lead hoses. They suck. The Marines say they suck. The 11 Bravos say they suck. The SEALs say they suck. No amount of wishful thinking can change the physics of a glorified .22 versus a 7.62, 7.92, .30-06, or .303 round. AR's just suck. They were foisted on us by a rigged Army ordnance competition, and the rest is sad AR-15/M-16 history. They had to pry the M-14 away from the Marines.

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