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Comment: 802.11b(rain) (Score 1) 49

by some old guy (#48930771) Attached to: Brain Implants Get Brainier

I can't wait till some marketing douchebag discovers that medical implants can be "connected" to the so-called Internet of Things", ostensibly for "quality assurance" and patient safety purposes. Then bingo! we have targeted advertising delivered straight to the visual cortex.

Soon after, law enforcement will no doubt demand access to the data.

This can not end well.

Comment: Be a Good Parent (Score 3, Insightful) 169

TFA is a dot on the trend line of parental and educational laziness, IMHO. Parents slough off responsibility for their kids' educations to schools of questionable quality. The schools in turn palm of their work to computers. It's sad, and the only effective remedy is parental re-involvement.

I knew the schools sucked when my son was reading 3 grade levels above his peers at age 6. Now he's a sophomore in High School, and further along (knowlege-wise) toward his BSEE than most e-school juniors because I take the time to not just nurture and encourage but actually teach him at whatever level he is ready for. He's 15, and has built his own Siemens S7 PLC lab project. His science classmates won't get Ohm's Law till next year. Pity them.

We can blab all day about how to fix teh skoolz, but when it comes to your own kids, give them your best. As a parent, you owe it to them. The schools aren't going to do it for you.

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