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Comment: Re:it is exposed (Score 1) 320

Best to keep in mind that it's exposed in spite of the system, not as a result of it. The disclosures you cite would never have seen the light of day if the system could have prevented it. If not for whistle-blowers and diligent journalists, we'd know nothing.

If the system had it's way, there would be no exposure at all.

Our current system in no way resembles the vision of the founding fathers.

And yes, We the Sheeple will put up with it. We're to busy, as a culture, with the Kardashians, the Final Four, and Warcraft.

Comment: Nunya (Score 3, Interesting) 623

by some old guy (#46516349) Attached to: Russian Army Spetsnaz Units Arrested Operating In Ukraine

Putin's neo-Stalinism aside, it may be sad to sit helplessly on the sidelines but the US has no territorial, economic, or security interest in Ukraine whatsoever. It's none of America's damn business.

Somewhere, sometime, the US has got to get over this notion of being the world's comic-book superhero.

Now is a good time to start. Picking a fight with a bully that has a huge nuclear arsenal is a bad idea.

Comment: Still Don't Get It? (Score 1, Insightful) 66

All of this stuff about security, privacy, and accountability is just academic masturbation. It has been for years. It is not going to change, because those with the power to change it aren't about to.

The oligarchs who control our governments, security forces, and political parties, own us completely. It is too late to stop them. It is a waste of time to complain and dangerous to resist.


Can we just drop all the faux political drama and talk about, I don't know, programming or something?

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by some old guy (#46288399) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?

Once an Evercracker, always an Evercracker I suppose. My preference is the fantasy genre, so that probably explains it. Sc-Fi and modern/urban settings don't interest me.

I am also an Alpha tester for Everquest Next Landmark, and enjoying the experience immensely. I also plan to be involved in Everquest Next once Landmark goes live.

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