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+ - Bicycles as a gateway to government control->

Submitted by somaTh
somaTh (1154199) writes "Dan Maes, a candidate for govenor of Colorodo, proudly displays what might be described as "What happens when people don't have a clue what they're talking about." The article describes his current complaints with the incumbent's policies.
"The bike program in it of itself, if that's all it is, I wouldn't be opposed to it," Maes told 9NEWS. "What I am opposed to is if it's part of a bigger program that the mayor has signed on to as part of a UN program. That I would be opposed to." He goes on to argue that the bicycle program is only a gateway into bigger policies including, but not limited to, forced abortions and population control. I understand that bike seats are uncomfortable, but I had no idea it was on purpose."

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+ - Single Class Action Suit Against Sony for PS3->

Submitted by somaTh
somaTh (1154199) writes "From ArsTechnica:
'Sony has been hit with seven class-action lawsuits over the removal of the "Other OS" option in the PlayStation 3 firmware, and the court has now agreed to bundle these suits into one large action. The result? Settlement becomes more likely, and simpler for all parties.'"

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